I double dam dare ya


Why in the world are people proposing to breach/bypass our dams? To save fish?

I dare our county, state and federal governments to try a simple experiment to PROVE whether or not dams hurt fish.

Pick a class 1 stream (one that spawns fish) and designate it a free-dam-zone. Let any property owner of land on that stream be able to freely design and build dams and spawning systems as desired in exchange for government access to the stream on their property for the purpose of sampling and counting fish. If an owner has no spawning fish found above his dam, he looses the right to that dam and the dam is removed but the owner can always try a new design that doesn’t harm fish.

What would happen if you did this?

Property owners would gladly invest in creating micro-hydro-electric dams on the stream with an eye to preserving and promoting fish numbers at the same time.

Hundreds of designs could be tried and explored in short order.

Owners would easily be able to power their own homes and distribute power to their neighbors either directly or via the grid way cheaper than solar or wind power.

Property values would likely explode.

Tax income would rise for that area.

And after about 5 years of doing this we will know if it is possible to actually increase fish numbers despite dozens or hundreds of dams on a stream.

If that works out, start opening up all our streams to private micro-hydro projects and watch the fish and wealth rise.

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Resources for Dentistry

One cannot blame even the most educated for not knowing what they don’t know.
I offer these references to any dentist that may wish to find out some things they may not know about that could greatly benefit their patients.

Chlorine Di-Oxide:
  The Universal Antidote documentary video.
  The book forbidden health.

The electrical nature of the body and the role of teeth:
  Video by Dr. Jerry Tennant

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Voting and Freedom

Freedom Day voters trying to be heard

It is extremely frustrating to see so few people voting in the freest and richest nation in history.

Unfortunately there are a lot of good reasons not to vote:

  • Who the hell is counting my vote?
  • Do I vote my conscience or join others to get somebody decent elected?
  • My party sucks but any other vote will fail.
  • What difference will it make?

The reason people don’t vote isn’t because it’s too difficult to get to the polls. Early and vote-by-mail methods don’t improve turnout. They only open the door for more fraud which discourages voting.

Fixing this requires changes that those in power will not want. It see two possible ways to improve things:

  1. Reduce the distance between the voter and the representative.
    1. Use a multi-tier form of representation or reduce the size of our districts.
  2. Reduce the possibility of fraud in an election.
    1. Hand count!
    2. Use ballots that have a unique code on them that is kept secret till the voter votes by using a scratch off coating. The voter can write this down and verify online later that their ballot was recorded and counted correctly.
    3. Open up vote counting to the community in large public spaces where as many can participate as like and remove party control over who gets to watch or count.
    4. Scan every ballot and talley sheet and voter list and put them online so anyone can do a recount in the privacy of their home anytime.
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The VA is a joke

This questionaire is a joke

So having no insurance I went into the hospital one day to have my toes amputated due to gangrene and thus began my great adventure with the VA. It is hard to relate to you the many times I have recieved contradictory and even wrong information from the VA. It seems every month they are installing a “new system” or changing their fax numbers or shuffling around jobs between different contracted companies. There are so many departments and parts to the VA, constantly moving and changing over time that it is hard for even the VA itself to keep up with itself.

My initial insight into the beast was when I found out that my huge hospital bills (which one’s aren’t huge?) were not going to be covered because I had not informed the VA within 72 hours of entering the emergency room that I had done so.

This is an amazing catch in that, if you are like me, and generally hate doctors, you have no idea of this requirement when going into the emergency room. You depend on the hospital staff to help you with such things, yet neither hospital I was in (I was transported from one to another during my ordeal) informed me of this requirement though both knew very well that I was a veteran.

Fast forward 2 odd years.

I happen to be on one of my wonderful calls to the VA (usually after 3 menus, with many questions and even repeated questions followed by up to an hour long wait for a real person) where the person I finally get ahold of asks me the same questions I just answered via an automated pre-scanning system and find out that the live person never gets any of that information so, naturally, they have to ask me the same things again! Lovely!

On this one call I happen to hit a pretty good rep and she tells me that I can post-actively inform the VA long after the 72 hour limit if I blame the hospital for not knowing I had to do that. So whalla, I am now covered for some bills that were long ago forgiven.

So in the light of this past history, the VA sends me a survey that is of course being run by a Chicago Illinois marketing company that has some pretty dumb questions. But the last one was the topper:

Clearly, confusion is the rule of the day here.

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The Corruption of Science and Medicine

Science is the process of searching for truth in the physical realm.

It makes sense, then, to ask: if “scientists” are biased, will the pursuit of truth be accomplished?

Obviously not.

Today’s scientific research is paid for by colleges, pharmaceutical companies, governments and lastly by private individuals funding their own work. Colleges depend a lot on funding from government and corporations. Corporations are influenced by government regulations and are funded by their customers for the benefit of the stock holders. Many times those corporation’s customers end up being government or government funded entities. Governments depend on taxes, the printing press for fiat currency, election campaign donors and of course on back-room deals with special interests.

Hospitals depend on insurance companies, government funding, philanthropic funds and lastly by patient funding, the latter are far less than the former sources because insurance companies have effectively concentrated patient funds into a funnel that gives them far more influence over healthcare than the patients. Government has also licensed and regulated doctors which is narrowing the choices they can make for their patients.

So is all this influence promoting the seeking of truth wherecver it may lead?

Duh, no.

The core cause of this corruption is the centralization of too much power.

We MUST decentralize or we will all effectively die.

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The Slippery Road to Slavery IV

To explaint this part I must enter the theological realm.

The “real” law articulates the will and character of God, a perfect being that is incorruptable and does no harm.

The “fake” law articulatees the will and character of Man, a flawed, selfish and covetious being that uses “the ends justifies the means”.

The fruit of the “real” law is truth, liberty and justice for all. The fruit of the “fake” law is lies, theft, corruption and eventual death.

The Bible does a great job of describing this with story lines. These quotes come to mind:

“I will be like the most high”

“Ye shall be as God”

“Thou shalt not covet”

“If my people will humble themselves and call on my name, I will heal their land”

King David’s last words in 2 Samuel 23 describes “the rebelous” as being so difficult to control that it requires a “rod of iron” to subdue it and he admits this requires a perfect King.

Our civilization is dying from the evil that comes from covetousness that uses “the ends justifies the means” to corrupt language, culture, government and law and according to the Bible will only be ultimately cured by the rule and reign of Christ on this earth.

My hope is that those days are coming soon.

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The Slippery Road to Slavery III

There are two basic philosophies that distinguish true from false law.

Do no harm:

Nothing is so important that it justifies doing harm to others. If law is restricted to the purposes outlined in our Delcaration of Independence, that is, protect Life, Liberty and Property, then it can do no harm because the force of law does not come into action unless true harm is being done.

The Ends Justifies the Means:

Men tend to think they are right and when they become convincd of a utopian idea that must be made reality, they usually fall into the trap of this mantra. Communism was born with this idea and even if it was originally concieved as a solution to our problems, “The Ends Justifies the Means” turns it into a generator of problems. The Communist manifesto uses this exact term and justifies all the evil their “progressive” actions cause.

We see this all over today. Covid mandates, escalatiing wars, ecconomic manipulation, interference with the family, educational indoctrination, and, of couse, the almost universally accepted victimless crime laws which are burying us in rules and regulations that cause the average american to comit several felonies daily without realizing it.

So why do we keep progressing down this line of thinking? More on that next time.

Part IV

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The Slippery Road to Slavery II

So in just a few words I am going to try to give you some hints on what real law is.

First of all, there are only two basic types of law, one is real, the other is like much of our mass media – fake.

The real law stems from the Bible which stems from the idea of a creator and is where true inalienable rights can only come from – a source outside of mankind. If man didn’t make it, it can’t be rightfully taken away by man.

The fake law is man-made. It historically comes from Nimrod, through Babylon, thorugh Pergamos through Rome, and finally makes its way via the canon law of the Catholic Church into every nation on earth.

So what marks real law? Real law has these attributes:

  • It is self consistent.
  • Is is unambiguous.
  • It is just.
  • It does no harm.

Law is not just some body of elected officials making arbitrary rules and regulations to dictate their will over the citizen. It is not a written form of dictatorship. Beware the leven of the Pharisees!

The two distinguishing philosophies of these two types of law are:

  • Do no harm (real)
  • The Ends Justifies the Mean (fake)

I will discuss these ideas further in part III.

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The slippery path to slavery

It would appear that the de-education of the world has come to full fruition. Remember back when we had “the war to end all wars” that was to “make the world safe for democracy”? For you youngsters out there, that was WWI and these slogans were invented to get America into that war and to push asside any true “republicans” left to protest that war. We got democracy but we certainly didn’t get peace.

So I am about to splain something that is so simple, everyone should fully understand it, yet few appear to.

Here is the “table of death” that really says it all:

WWI was most caused and profited by “the Elite”. Those are the super-rich and powerful working together behind the scenes to change the world from what it was to what it is now. Where we are now is at the final step. The final goal, total domination forever by the few that see themselves as just a little smarter and better than everyone else.

The good news is that these Elite are few in number and the only way they can win is to keep us divided against ourselves. My next letter will try to explain what Law is because that is key to getting back to a land with Freedom and Justice for all.

Part II

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Idaho and Education Levys

Ah look at the sweet kid being exploited for public school fuynding propaganda.

The northwest has a long history of supporting education. Take for instance the Northwest Ordinance which was passed in 1787 which said that education would forever be encouraged. The IDL, on their website says that they manage some 2.5 million acres of land as a perpetual land fund that was originally granted in 1889 when Idaho became a state for the benefit of the public schools. The Idaho State Constitution clearly states that the State Legislature is responsible for funding of the public schools and the state currently has a massive surplus of money from COVID emergency funds.

So why are we being asked again to pass a Levy for the Mountain View School District for some 1.7 million dollars? Past years have shown that the levies for public schools tend to pass more when there is a low voter turnout. Could that be the real reason that we are voting on this levy on March 8th completely isolated from the primaries? Yes, if you want to vote on the levy you will have to go to the polls for that and only that issue. Is that ecconomically efficient for anyone?

The Mountain View School Distrcit website says it has 1178 students costing some $9,664 per pupil per year – that’s over $1000 per month per student assuming a 9 month school year. Despite the fact that we are paying a class of 30 students over $30,000 each month(!), this school district ranked 298th in 2010 in the state out of some 358 districts – that brings it to the bottom 17% of schools in the state. Such a deal!

Consider this. Anyone can go online and learn about any subject they want to and with video, they don’t even have to know how to read and internet access is nearly ubiquitous and free to everyone.

And finally consider that much of the school curriculum is pushing sexual confusion and critical race theory consistently across this country due to the influence of powerful individuals with a long-term social agenda. This is not to mention the rewriting or burying of history, gramar, logic and rhetoric and the fact that the entire agist based system was invented by some german social engineers back in the 1800s to make the people more managable as compliant citizens.

Consider this. If I want to home school my kids, I still have to pay for the public schools out of the levy if it passes. Even though we know that test scores for privately or home schooled kids far exceed those of public school students despite the fact that there is no public funding (or cost) for those kids.

So please consider voting NO on the Levy on March 8th and send this inefficient and bloated institution a message – we won’t pay for this garbage anymore.

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