The endless search for justice

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This entry is about my adventure fighting the state pro-se in court on a petty victim-less crime charge who’s real purpose was simply to collect money in restitution for something done that I had nothing to do with.

Here’s a really short and simple description the way I see it with much more detail to follow in other pages:

On Oct. 2nd, I received a permit from the IDL burn permit website that was different than I asked for.  This prompted me to decide to burn on a perfect day (the first day of rain in fall) in order to keep an Idaho County Fire Mitigation Contract to burn several hundred burn piles on my property.

This technically broke the law as stated here: Idaho Code 32-115

That day I burned maybe 20 piles with my helper James.  Once we were done lighting the fires in two areas, it started raining pretty hard.  I decided to take a break and so James and I both went home to get lunch and a short nap before resuming checks on the fires.

The IDL fire department showed up and this began a 3 day unnecessary fire suppression project I had no power to stop.

During this event I tried to serve the fire IC (Incident Coordinator) a notice of trespass and it was refused.  This caused a rhetorical question by myself that was taken as a gun threat and caused quite a stir that eventually ended in a sincere apology from me.

When this was over I knew there would be a bill, just like I had paid in the past.  Little did I suspect that this time, the bill would come in a disguised form – a criminal charge with no damages specified, no complaintant listed and sworn to on hearsay evidence by an attorney with no oath of office filed.  I had no idea this would evolve into a kind of extortion hard for me to believe and I had no idea how corrupt the courts were and what pathetic tricks the prosecution (and judge!) would use to get their money out of me.

I decided to fight, not knowing what I did not know at the time.

My detailed story of the process will be posted here when all is done.

It has been a year-long education indeed and I will tell all when the time is right.

To Be Continued….

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Things to be thankful for

Probably the best thing I am thankful for this year is my kids and my grandkids.  My son recently had his second son, Walter (Wally) who I adore!  Ansel is also a lot of fun to be with when I visit my son only 2 hours away!  My Daughter so far has just one beautiful daughter, Molly, and she is also a kick when I can get out to the Seattle area to visit her.

It was sad for me this year to not be able to join either of my children for Thanksgiving but my thoughts and prayers go out to them at this year.

Yes I have much to be thankful for to a God that gives more than we can even know.

Pet Falls near Mt. Raineer

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The name of Jesus

Name of Jesus

I have heard many things about the name of God and Jesus.  Some claim that if you don’t properly respect the name of G-d you will be cursed via the commandment not to take the LORD’s name in vain.  I think disobeying that law is more an attitude than a set of syllables.  The chart above shows what just clicked in my mind yesterday.  The key to understanding all these names is the difference between translation and transliteration.  Names tend to be transliterated, that is, made to sound close to the name in the original language.  Because names can and often do have meaning, they can also be translated into another language.  This is preserving the meaning of the word rather than its sound.

Another controversy that has been talked about was the use of the letter ‘J’ in Jesus’ name.  J was invented in the 1600s.  It comes apparently from an English lawsuit.  This has been used by the “sacred name” movement to condemn the name as inaccurate or demeaning.  I doubt any believer means to use the word Jesus in a demeaning way.  To me, this distinction is just to drive a wedge between Christians.  The history should be taught and understood and each believer should decide what name to use as their conscience dictates.

Just know, they all mean the same thing and when you call on God, just keep in mind that the original is YHWH and have an attitude that reflects that sacred name.

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My thoughts on Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson

The following videos I have seen with Peterson and they have prompted this blog entry:

Mr Peterson seems to be a very popular person on YouTube (within my own personal echo chamber) these days.  He has taken on the mantel of an atheistic evolutionist that supports the Bible.  This could be the beginning of the end of the Christian era or the “age of the gentiles” if his thinking takes over.

A common thing I see among non-believers is that “religion” (even their religion) becomes this theoretical abstraction of something you “do” to hold your mind together given the crazy and mysterious creation we all find ourselves in rather than a true explanation of the meta-physical.

Peterson is a sharp and articulate and especially sympathetic apologist for Biblical ideas shaping the evolution of the human psyche.  This removes him from the “dogmatic” and “irrational” set of individuals that actually “believe” that horrid book, the Bible.  It removes him from almost all critique by the new atheist evangelists such as Sam Harris.

This stance of his is very effective at removing the false and pointless arguments over biblical inerrant status and accuracy/historicity and gets past that surface argument into the gist of the stories in the Bible and their beneficial use to human society.  For that, most Christians or Bible sympathizers love Jordan.  Finally he has forced the debate into the compelling and “super archetypal” aspects of the Bible stories which are so deeply ingrained into our culture and thinking.

I fear however, that this is a further deconstruction of true faith in the biblical narrative.  I personally think there is overwhelming textual, archaeological and historical evidence that the Bible is literally true and very accurate for any ancient text.  It gives names, dates, places and events with an enduring textual, historical, geographical, and political accuracy like no other book.  It is unfortunate that the arguments concerning these aspects of the bible appear to have fallen off the front burner and into the background.  Perhaps people are just tired of the continuous debate over whether or not the Bible is historically real.

Atheists such as Francesca Stavrakopoulou who blatantly proclaim that characters like Moses are fully mythical and never actually existed now abound despite the long standing scholarly acceptance of the resurrection and life of Christ which points to the equally valid assertion of the historicity of characters like Moses and King David.

Society on a global scale seems to be (from a public perspective) “blowing off” all the true belief in the Bible yet we are seeing record numbers of Muslims, for example, seeing visions and dreams and coming to Christ and increasing incidences of miraculous healing and even raising from the dead.

Jordan, to me, is both refreshing and very scary for these reasons.  Even as evolution is dying in the scientific community, the “religious” adherence to this extremely dangerous theory seem to be expanding.

Perhaps this is the last dying breath of the scoffers as we enter the millennial era and exit the age of the church/gentiles?  I hope so.

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My Health cheat sheet

My daughter today asked me to write to her a simple cheat sheet on what to do with various medical problems.

I have spent decades researching alternative medical modalities with a major focus on curing cancer.  Here is a brief summary of what I have learned:

  1. All disease comes from these things:
    • Physical Toxins
    • Spiritual Toxins
    • Lack of nutrition, especially mineral.
    • Mental insanity from self hatred, stress and lack of faith

If I had some really bad sickness come on, it doesn’t matter what it is, I would

  • Stop what I am doing and seek God. He has the cure and He will give it to you.  Rest in Him and calm yourself for at least a few hours.
  • Do not listen to Doctors predicting dire consequences if you don’t to X now or get some number back in line – this is all fear tactics to sell you an expensive cure.  Don’t fall for it.
  • Stop eating.  I would begin a cleansing fast and focus on the area where the problem is.  First day: Just vegetables, preferably green leafy ones.  Second day: just vegetable juice.  From then on, lots and only pure clean natural spring water or if you can’t  get that, use distilled water.  Come off the fast the same way you got on.
  • Clean your colon.  The fastest and best way I have found is by 3-4 colon insufflations of ozone each day.  Enemas help as to colonics.  Almost all disease starts in the colon.
  • Don’t seek anyone’s help that recommends more toxicity or just symptom relief.
  • As you cleans, feel your body.  Take samples of our blood and look at them under a microscope.  Check the pH of your saliva and urine.  Listen to your ears, your heart, your lungs, your gut.  Seek quiet and listen.
  • After you have fasted for a week at least (if  you can) :
    • Feed yourself spiritual food by reading your bible.
    • Feed yourself mineral supplements, ideally in the form of ionic minerals that are highly absorbable.
    • Feed yourself God-made food.  Green leafy vegetables especially medicinal plants.  Most of the cures we need are growing in our back yard.
  • Move – not frantically with marathons or weights, but take a walk 3 times a day and while doing that … just relax.
  • Breath deep good air and if you have it give yourself active oxygen such as ozone every way you can.
  • Stop eating all sugar, drugs, food additives, sweeteners, flavors, etc. as quickly as you can.
  • If you think you have heavy metals consider taking EDTA during your fast.
  • If you get a fever don’t try to reduce it unless it goes above 108 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your immune system works 10x better each degree higher you are.  Just keep hydrated.
  • Consider taking anti-parasite supplements during your fast – cloves and black walnut hull tincture as well as pure organic oregano oil.
  • In rare cases, there may be a particular supplement you are missing, but trying to find it is way harder than simply eating right and moving.  Don’t fall for cures based on a specific thing for a specific symptom.  The odds of you finding that right are low and the stress of trying to find it can be bad.  The same goes for alergies, removing something that is irritating you.  By fasting right off, that eliminates all things that may be triggering your problems.

You can do all of this better the more you know.  And there is no simple answer for that.  You must seek out information and truth and then you must apply it.  That is always the hardest part – applying what you already know is the only way to open the door to learn more.

Remember that most problems arose after years of abuse or toxins.  Sometimes reversing these things can take a lot of time.  Be faithful and keep up the fight over the long haul.

Remember, God is always in control.  What will happen will happen and while it happens you can rest in His infinite love for you and will for good in your life.  Know that no matter how bad things look, God can do miracles and does every day.  Only be faithful to Him at all times, and then wait for the healing in His wings to arise in you.

Hope is your greatest ally and love your greatest weapon.

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Da fire boss!

2018-07-21 Fire in Kamiah (3)

There I was, sound asleep taking a nice nap at my friend’s home and all of a sudden, Vernie yelled “FIRE”.  I popped up and threw on some clothes and ran out in my bare feet as Vernie yelled “Get out Sandy… NOW!”.

2018-07-21 Fire in Kamiah (14)

Outside, across the street there was a grass fire and Marv and the neighbors were all spraying hoses on it.  This picture was taken long after we had our side of the fire out.  At the time I got there, there were raging flames coming up the hill and very close to the house you see on the left.  I came up to Marv and he gave me the hose so he could assist the neighbor in fighting a leg of it that was coming up from the back.

It was providential that Marv had just bought a 75 foot garden hose last week.  If not, his water system would have been of no use stopping that fire.

Marv and Vernie both called 911 several times but no one seemed to be coming.  Marv said that he was told by the 911 operator that the fire department was waiting on the power company for a decision on what to do while the power company was waiting on the fire department for a decision on what to do.

The power to the neighborhood went out briefly and all the water pressure instantly stopped!  Then a bit later, it came back on and we were able to continue to fight the fire.

There I was in shorts and barefoot with a pulled Achilles tendon hosing down the fire.  The hose water barely reached the front edge of the fire.  I managed to hold it off there.  It began to catch a tree that I could barely reach and as I was attempting to put it out, the hose kinked due to me pulling on it too far.  Marv fixed that and I managed to stop the fire at the base of the tree.


Marv and Vernie McAnear

After about 20 minutes the fire martial arrived and went right to work, looking at the fire.

2018-07-21 Fire in Kamiah (12)

Meanwhile the neighbors all together pretty much had the dangerous side under control.

Marv relieved me and I went to encourage all the neighbors… “Now this is a neighborhood watch! This is Idaho!  We don’t need no stinking fire department!”.  That got a chuckle.

Finally more services arrived and the firemen started getting geared up to fight the fire.

Someone with a tractor began building a fire break along the far side of the fire and it looked like the official services would be just cleaning up what was left.

What caused this?  The nearby power pole lost one of its lines due to being rotted out.  That was probably what knocked out the power as well.  As we watched, the wind picked up and the pole start teetering.  It was very scary but soon the wind settled down and it seemed stable for the time being.


The pole that started the fire

2018-07-21 Fire in Kamiah (13)

It was quite an event.  Thanks to some quick and calm neighbors, we got the fire under control and left the fire department little to do but clean up.

Thanks Marv!

2018-07-21 Fire in Kamiah (5)

Here’s a video Marv took after most of the “fireworks” were over:

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What may really be happening

creepy-clowns-670x388This video gave me an idea of what we might be undergoing.

Warning: this is about as scary as it gets!

Suppose Satan is now perfecting His 666 based New World Order control system.  Suppose he is allowing people like Trump to win to put to sleep all those like me who have been vigilantly waiting for signs of collapse and trying to prepare for it by mimicking a victory for the good.  He will chuck some of his best followers like the Vatican and many governments in order to appear dead to the righteous remnant.

Then, once all appears settled and the righteous take their places under a new righteous regime, the tables turn and all of a sudden the righteous are all imprisoned or martyred in a vast purge leaving the tares to rule unobstructed possibly from Israel.

It will be a complete upside down world where good is called evil and evil good.

All this great news of Trump in prophecy and the great draining of the swamp could be just a convenient illusion of our day, only to unmask a horrible evil lurking underneath.

What is happening with Trump seems impossible to me.  It has never happened in history.  No great power has switched from being evil to good overnight with possibly the exception of Nineveh after Jonah’s warnings.  But Nineveh repented to the man – America has hardly moved from what I can tell.

So that’s my latest wonderment.

But AFTER THAT, God will come and put and end to all of this evil.  This accounts for the tribulation, which the current good-news prophecies don’t.

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