Sorry about that chief. Would you believe…

What I am about to describe is half serious and half… well… unbelievable.

After watching the movie “In the shadow of the moon” on netflix, I began to put together some data points in my life.

As you may suspect, from other posts and blogs of mine, I happen to hold the belief that we are in a massive spiritual war and that war affects our lives in all kinds of ways. I have pursued understanding this war in this world with its effects on geo-politics, economics, law, language, culture, history and religion.

So data point 1:

Mandella effect evidence from the KJV bible:

  1. Matthew 9:17 Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.
  2. Mark 2:22 And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles.
  3. Luke 5:37 And no man putteth new wine into old bottles; else the new wine will burst the bottles, and be spilled, and the bottles shall perish.
  4. Luke 5:38 But new wine must be put into new bottles; and both are preserved.

I and other people remember these verses as talking about wineskins and not bottles. Now I may be missing something here but I fail to see how a bottle wears out and the wine in it must be poured into a new bottle to avoid breaking or leaking. I first heard about this in a video on the mandela effect which I can no longer locate online but here is another article talking about my same point here with even more startling evidence in that the author claims that they saw her old KJV bible change within 3 minutes.

To me this one example is one of the best I know of to support the idea of the Mandela Effect, but the sheer number of testimonials of weird changes that seem to have happened to history should add even more weight than just this one example.

Now you will either accept this datapoint or not and I am not going to belabor the point. If you don’t accept this as a possibility, then stop reading here. Go enjoy a movie.

Data point 2:

The 2019 movie “In the Shadow of the Moon” [!!!Spoiler alert!!!] I reference above, the story is a time-loop story about a cop that stumbles upon a serial killer that turns out to be his own granddaughter who every 9 years reappears and murders people in this mysterious way. Turns out she was killing early followers of a right-wing “Real America” group that in the future causes WWIII and massive death.

This is typical of our movie propaganda, assuming that wanting what the founding fathers wanted is a cause of violence and death when in fact, anyone that tries to slow down or stop the NWO elites from achieving their nefarious Georgia Guidestones goals will cause violence by the elites.


So… the Mandela effect happened from about 2012-2015 as I recall. People hypothesised that it was caused by CERN and their experiments to discover the “God Particle”. CERN did this weird ritual to celebrate its 60th anniversary and the symbolism used points to a spiritual dimension not usually associated with “science”. There is a more recent video of a satanic ritual at CERN which some have tried to debunk.

I surmise that this period of time was an experiment to see if history could actually be changed. Some postulate that we slipped into parallel universes rather than changed history. Whichever happened, it effectively changes history for US. It also proves to be a useful experiment to see how easily people might be induced to accept changes in accepted historical facts.

The insidious propaganda of the “In the Shadow of the Moon” movie to me is further evidence to me that the satanic elites intend to completely erase any history of the American Revolution and its ideas. Most likely this will be done by monument and historical site destruction combined with propaganda from the age of 5 and up and by a purge of all of those that remember the reason why this nation became so great. It may however even be done by time travel and the actual changing of history. (Yah, this is the crazy idea I warned you about.) Maybe I ate too much popcorn watching that movie.

The odd disappearance of Trumps words from public access since his un-conceded removal from office perplexes me and I wonder how this fits in. At the time of this writing I am still awaiting the possibility of Trump reappearing to assume power in March of 2021, as rumor has it. We shall see.

Or maybe this all just shows how incredibly deep the propaganda our movies deliver to us, leading us to believe time travel is actually possible and that history can actually be changed – just in case some of us crazy’s that remember what the American Revolution was all about are left to tell a tall tale or two.

Talk about a psyOp!

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It’s so simple that absolute chaos is needed to hide it.

We appear to be under a PsyOp of global proportions. Most Americans don’t trust their own press. Wild points of view are propagating through the internet because there seems to be no accepted information source with integrity. Censorship is rampant and is not a cure for the problem.

The pattern is clear as chaos.

An election has been clearly stolen. The Supreme court has refused to hear the evidence. A politically manufactured pandemic is causing panic. Contradictory information abounds. Constitutional limits are being completely ignored and propaganda against citizens is now legal and clearly taking place.

Keep the simple truth in mind my friends. A concept so profoundly unifying, logical, and simple was well stated in our Declaration of Independence:

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,… 

This is the mandate for proper republican/lawful government. Government’s job is to protect both life and rights so we can be happy. ANYTHING that is contrary to this simple mandate is by definition un-republican/lawful and is thus un-constitutional by definition even if it is found in a constitution itself no matter what any court may say.

The only way to keep government within our cage is to only follow lawful laws and policies and to exercise our lawful rights with vigor to stop and prevent such breaches of our trust. If we allow ourselves to become conditioned through propaganda, fear, threats, or decrees, we will no longer be free and we will no longer be happy and we may even no longer be alive.

Jus sayin… if you are not doing anything about it, get off your butt now.

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It is Treason – right there in front of us

I was at a hotel in Washington recently that was fiercely enforcing mask rules. It was midnight and I was taking some things out to my car to prepare to leave the next morning very early.

When I came back into the hotel, I decided not to wear my mask. There was just one attendant at the desk and he was tied down taking care of that area.

I figured it was a good chance to do what I have wanted to do many times before but was too chicken, afraid that I would get arrested or fined.

So as I came in, the attendant told me I needed to have a mask. I took out my mask and said “I have one”. Then he said I had to put it on. I said what I have wanted to say to these mask enforcers forever:

You are enforcing an unconstitutional law. Your legislature has not approved this law. Besides, it is infringing on my unalienable right to control my own body.

I walked to the elevator for my escape as I said this and there were no consequences.

I can’t describe how good it felt to speak my mind to these Gestapo weenies that are literally destroying our economy and our freedoms by enforcing these completely bogus and unconstitutional mandates.

Then it occurred to me….

What to say to a mask enforcer when you don’t want to wear a mask:

You are enforcing an unconstitutional law that has been mandated by a governor acting under color of martial law. You are infringing on people’s inalienable right to control their own bodies. You are contributing to the destruction of the US economy and are making it easy for would-be dictators to take away our rights and freedoms.

Come to think of it, doing these kinds of things would be aiding and abetting enemies of the United States and this is the very definition of TREASON which is punishable by death!

Do you want me to prosecute you for committing treason?

Why don’t you let people decide what to do about their health and get together with other businesses and sue the government for attempting to force you to commit TREASON?

It’s really that simple.

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Cognitive Dissonance – what it is, why it is, and how to help

This post was inspired by a long-time friend that warned me that our relationship was in jeopardy if I persisted in sending her emails with a viewpoint she disagreed with.

While listening to a podcast the other day, I found a perfect example of how strongly cognitive dissonance can effect our thinking and perception.

But before I get into that example I want to explain some things first.

Cognitive Dissonance (COGDIS) happens when you receive the perception of a fact that contradicts your world view. For example, you hear a cat bark. Did that cat really bark like a dog? Were your ears playing tricks on you? Are you being messed with? Even though you have never heard a cat bark, have any of your friends?

You have two choices:

  1. Ignore the input. It doesn’t matter or it can’t be true.
  2. Change your viewpoint.

To decide how to respond you must go through a “cost analysis” of your decision, asking yourself questions like this?

  1. Will people think I am crazy if I believe cats can bark?
  2. Will I lose my friends if I ever tell them cats can bark?
  3. Do I have enough proof of my perception to know that what I just heard is real?

Two general types of people

There are cognitive driven people which are more concerned with an accurate worldview (Truth) than they are with social status or internal comfort. I call this the Dimension A (DIMA) group.

Then there are the more socially driven types of people who would rather be socially accepted and mentally comfortable with a worldview that agrees with most of their friends. This is the Dimension B (DIMB) group.

Today it appears the majority of people are DIMB type. Social members naturally wants unity and cohesion. Another reason why the majority of people are DIMB is likely due to our “socialization” training we received in public school from the time we were very young until through much of our adult life.

In the past, these different types of people rarely had big issues. Simple social rules like “don’t talk politics or religion at the dinner table” sufficed to keep the peace between the two groups. The DIMA types would go into the smoking room and get into their philosophical and political discussions while the DIMB types would chat in the kitchen while doing the dishes. The two types of conversations were comfortable with each group but were completely different in nature. (This example is not meant to imply that females are DIMB while males are DIMA though that could be true!)

But today we have much more stress happening on society

There are two main drivers for the heightened stress of the two groups ever being together.

  1. Vast increase in information quantity yet with lower quality.
  2. Vast increase in light social (virtual) interaction with less deep social interaction.

Information overload

According to this article, human knowledge is doubling almost annually and is headed for a doubling rate of every 12 hours. Yet one must ask if this doubling of knowledge is all true or not. What is the quality of this knowledge? Much knowledge is based on assumptions of previous knowledge. What if those assumptions are wrong? What if a common premise used in our everyday research turns out to be incorrect? How much un-true knowledge are we creating that is derived from other un-true knowledge? If the knowledge doubling continues for a long time based on a false premise, what does that do to the quality factor of our overall knowledge?

The faster information proliferates, the less time there is to test its quality and the more likely that quality will suffer.

The lower the overall quality of information, the more rapidly that quality will decay as the information builds upon itself.

The less educated a populace is concerning grammar, logic and rhetoric, the more likely false information will propagate.

Today we see major areas of research falling into crisis. The gravitational model of the universe if falling apart with more and more need for inventions like “dark matter” and “dark energy” to explain what we see. Evolutionary-biology is struggling to explain how all the latest discoveries in bio-chemical pathways discovered within and between the cells could possibly come from chance. Standard energy systems are beginning to give way to revolutionary new energy ideas that will change the world forever. Standard Medicine is making less and less sense in light of holistic and natural modalities.

All this implies that for a long time much of our research has been on a wrong path.


Over the past two to three centuries, the analysis, institutionalization and application of socialization has grown in importance and effect upon us all.

Socialization, is a term used to refer to the lifelong process of inheriting and disseminating norms, customs, and ideologies, providing an individual with the skills and habits necessary for participating within their own society. Socialization is thus “the means by which social and cultural continuity are attained”.

As the influence and availability of public education has increased over the centuries, each successive generation receives more and more “guidance” on what is socially acceptable. This process has generated such things as “political correctness”, “hate speech”, “gender sensitivity” and “social justice”.

Online social networks have exponentially increased in reach and influence in our society over the past two decades and has created a huge social force that must be dealt with by individuals everywhere.

We now have the “social justice warrior” role and “trolls” that monitor and selectively harass proponents of various memes and ideas online.

Our culture is also rapidly transforming itself from a more individual controlled society into a more centralized social structure where there are the “trend setters” or “elites” and then there are the masses of “followers” that are expected to conform to social expectations.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a strong damper has been put into place that is restricting deep social interactions with more tenuous and surface “virtual” relationships.

These are all factors in why COGDIS is becoming more intense and frequent in our society.

The Media

An even larger influence on society, historically, is the mass news media that is on TV, online, and in the prevailing newspapers. As the traditional channels of information dissemination have changed and multiplied, the ability of mass media to “control the narrative” of society has diminished even though it appears that 90% our mass media is controlled by only 6 corporations.

I have also seen a remarkable decline in the quality of news and research done in the public mass media. The alternate channels of information like social networks, cell phones, podcasts, and online videos and sound files have created a sea of data that flat contradicts what the daily paper is telling you.

Shocking events like 911 present to the public ideas that defy all logic and physics. This further reduces the believability and trust in mass media, especially by those that are DIMA types.

It is not my goal here to say who is right or wrong. I want to stay in a place where DIMA and DIMB types can both keep reading.

The Example

Now that I have all that said, lets just look at a specific media example of a “fact” that is “commonly believed” and yet is not true.

The “common fact” is that President Trump has irresponsibly suggested that the American people drink bleach to cure Covid-19.

This interview by Piers Morgan with Nigel Farrage has to be heard to get this point.

A clip from Piers Morgan interviewing Nigel Farrage

Now if you want to just hear the trump clip alone a few times, here it is:

Trump clip that is the basis of the meme that implies that Trump asked America to drink bleach.

Nowhere in this Trump clip can you hear the word “Bleach” or “Drink” yet both those words are believed to have been said in this clip by Mr. Morgan. It appears that Piers has equated what trump said, which was to see if some kind of disinfectant could be put into the lungs to fight the virus, was equivalent to the phrase “drink some bleach”.

There is nothing even remotely unreasonable about Trump’s query to his medical experts if his idea could work. He is not addressing the crowd or the nation. He is not asking anyone else to do anything.

Yet the media has created a meme that has been so repeated and so broadcast that millions of people believe it is true, and some, like Piers, can’t even realize the misrepresentation of Trump the media has done when listening to the clip several times.

How to help

So this brings me to the question “How can I help my tortured DIMB friend without loosing my relationship with her?”

The level and number of miss-representations made by the media on normal people that just want to live in peace has created a minefield of bad data that “fact checking” and “arguing” can’t seem to fix.

As information grows, this bad data grows with it in amount while the general quality of knowledge declines at faster and faster rates.

There is now so much bad-data out there that it has become impossible for most people to find what is true. The more bad-data you have already swallowed, the harder it is to recognize new bad-data. The DIMA and DIMB types are parting ways further and further every day.

As the void widens it also becomes all the more painful for a DIMB to come over to the DIMA way of thinking.

I remember the “Walk Away” movement that had various YouTube videos of once-liberal democrats deciding to leave the ever-more-radical democratic party. Some lived in lifestyles that simply could not exist in a conservative world-view and had to face complete loss of all their friends and support people simply to gain the freedom to think for themselves.

I think the first thing to be is compassionate and understanding.

How do you open a door to a person that is personally threatened by contradictory information?

Give them space.

Give them time.

Be there for them.


let them know…

that you love them.

No Agenda Show clip where the example came from – thank you No Agenda for a great example to use.

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Fact Checkers – the new censorship

Today I ran across the facebook page of a ministry I support that was basically fact-checked to death.

Everyone believes certain ideas are true and these get called “facts”.

Proving a “fact” is much harder than one might think offhand. For example I know Atheists that believe it is a “fact” that Jesus Christ never actually existed historically. Now there is TONS of evidence to support this “fact” of history but absolute proof? Very hard to do. One might be convinced, but is that proof?

The validity of a “fact” is very much based on how many people believe it more than that there is forensic evidence – because almost all evidence that comes to us from the past or from somewhere else requires a person to transfer that knowledge to us. And of course once you have a person involved you have the possibility of lying or error.

We are living in a time of low trust collectively and this is totally understandable because giant lies have been propagated on us on purpose by advertisers, the media and by social agenda driven speakers. This is where the term “Fake News” came from which I believe was coined by Donald Trump as a way to get a bullet sound-byte through the media (gatekeepers of truth) that would penetrate the public consciousness effectively.

Society is beginning to break down under this lack of trust.

People believe what they want to believe and resist radically alternative views regardless of their plausibility or logic. It is human nature. People want a stable world view and this is what we get from reality in general. The law of gravity doesn’t change all of a sudden. The days all stay the same length over and over. Why should my history or worldview change on me within a few decades?

This is compounded by the incredible access to individual opinion (like mine here) we now have via the internet. The gate-keepers of truth are gone and society is fragmenting because of it. This may by good or bad depending on your perspective. It depends on whether or not you believe the prevailing narrative on a particular subject is true or false.

Another compounding factor is the lack of understanding of the subjects of logic and rhetoric. These subjects are no longer taught in school and with the advent of massive advertising, people are thinking more with their feelings that with a rational mind.

Simple tactics like attacking a messenger instead of an idea or misrepresenting a point of view so that it can be easily “debunked” are not noticed by the untrained and emotionally motivated listener. We need the art of rhetoric and logic back in our schools badly or society will continue to fragment into pieces.

This kind of fragmentation is fomented by radical elements that want to destabilize a society. As a culture, we are being transitioned into a completely different world-view than what our fathers were brought up on.

So what these new fact-checkers are doing is simply taking their opinions about what is true and imposing them onto others resulting in censorship and this seems to be consistently done towards the left’s agenda.

The solution is simple. Go to sources that don’t do censorship. Things will be more wild and wacky but at least you’re not looking through blinders at the world.

The only valid fact checker is YOU and only for YOURSELF.

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Covid-19 – a hypothesis

After watching this video by David Icke, which I got on a DVD from a friend and which appears to have been censored off of YouTube, I was very intrigued. If Icke is right, we are in a mass of layered lies that go back over 100 years!

All the links on this post reference which is one of the newer, uncensored, platforms where many of the YouTube banned videos are ending up. Lets hope Brighteon and other non-censoring platforms don’t disappear too soon, as it is getting harder each day to find out what is really going on.

What makes David’s video being censored even more telling is this Info Wars Video which points out how viral the London Real interview with David Icke went on its live stream – so much so that YouTube apparently “cut the feed” mid-live-streaming! David’s words were so DANGEROUS that he had to be silenced IMMEDIATELY!

No truth seeker wants to know something more than that which appears to be THE THING THEY don’t want you to know.

I have come to believe this incredibly scary idea which goes beyond what David says in this particular video. If you watch (or just skim) all the video links in this blog you will have all the data which I have used to come up with this hypothesis.


We have here all the elements of a complete control system for mankind. I suspect that once 5G is in place, we will see the system begin to take out people and mimic the virus.

The Terminator series was not far off. AI may end up being the tool we most fear.

The virus tracking apps and data can be used to make the spread look just like a pandemic, spreading symptoms in line with contact info just as a contagion would.

Eventually, once the virus is assumed to be a true pandemic, selected troublemakers will begin to be axed via 5G. Doctors, free speech advocates, politicians not inline and maybe even Trump will mysteriously die from this “virus”.

All dissent will be squelched.

Fear will grip us all as there is almost no way to escape or shield oneself from 5G. Yes you can shield yourself but you can’t travel or shop or work without getting exposed and 5G can kill you on the spot if programmed to.

I can’t imagine a more scary possibility.

May God have mercy on us all.

I dare you to watch all these linked videos. Some are long but give you good historical background to be able to BELIEVE what I am seeing. You may not sleep well thereafter but the truth will set you free!

We all must wake up and FAST or we will find ourselves drones or dead.

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Stop the Censorship!

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A eye-witness report on the Ammon Bundy ralley in Nezperce on August 1st, 2020.

So the event went well. Here’s my personal perspective on the event.

The Lewis County Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies including the Nezperce tribes and state police set up an area for handling violence that included ambulances, triage units, and guns… lots of guns near the high school in Nezperce.

Several deputies were present standing in front of the court-house and were showing an intimidating amount of force but when I asked them where I could park my truck with the recall Little sign, they were helpful.

As I scoped out the town I found the largest group of people assembling in the park a few blocks from the courthouse and out of sight of it. Ammon Bundy and the others apparently decided to back off from the court-house to avoid any tragic incidents.

Unknown sources had spread the rumor that the group was associated with BLM and the worst was feared. The Nezperce mayor shut down the entire town and put out a notice of emergency declared for fear of Covid-19 and violence from the Bundy group.

Apparently from what several people said, most of the town were either gone or locked in their basements for fear of violence.

We were greeted by an armed band of about 6 people and asked them what was happening. They relayed that things were peaceful so far.

The Lewiston tribune was represented by a few reporters filming the event but not interviewing anyone.

We parked the truck with the recall little sign near the park and set up a table for signatures off to the right about 100 feet from the main amphitheater.

There were several good speakers.

The event was opened in prayer by a local pastor who explained how scared the community was of the group and thanked the group for not being violent.

The Lewis county Sheriff was there as well along with several deputies and thanked us for being peaceful as well.

Sandy Anderson, Shawn’s wife then spoke and related to the group Shawn’s health and medical situation. She then blasted a guy named Eric Parker who appears to have been some kind of ‘special’ patriot that got exclusive access to the filmed evidence of the Anderson incident.

A guy named “Diego” gave a very articulate speech about law enforcement and why divisions are happening between the people and the police.

Then a guy named Jeremiah then spoke about his relationship with Shawn Anderson and testified about his character.

Then Ammon Bundy spoke with a very godly message concerning how Jesus Christ challenged the corruption of his day but peacefully. He also explained why he refused exclusive access to the incident films because all of the people deserved to know the truth.

We didn’t collect too many signatures mainly because I think most of the people there had already signed to recall Governor Little.

The event ended with a spontaneous Christian worship session followed by a parade of the cars around the town and then we all dispersed.

I would guess that the crowd at the park was about 100 people and those in front of the court-house was about 30.

See also this live stream video of the event.

Other posted videos: (Please excuse the bad link selection – there appears to be a bug in the new wordpress editor.)

Remarks and prayer by local pastor

Sheriffs thanking the group for not being violent

Linda Armstrong talking about her husband’s health and chastising Eric Parker

Jeremiah’s Speech – friend of Shawn Armstrong

Diego’s Speech on generally why people might be upset at Shawn’s situation

Ammon Bundy’s speech on basic God-given rights.

Ammon Bundy‘s speech part II

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The Statesman Test

Take this quiz and see if you are a statesman or a politician.

The Answers can be found here.


What are the three things that the Declaration of Independence says governments are to protect?


If a constitution has a provision that violates any of these three purposes of government, is it constitutional to follow that provision as constitutional?


If a legislature passes a law that creates a victimless crime, is that constitutional?


What form of government does each state of the united States have?


List the 5 types of government and the level of individual protection of rights by each.


What is the difference between a politician and a statesman?


What political body determines whether or not a law is constitutional?

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The Statesman Test – Answers

Give this quiz to your prospective legislator, judge or executive and see how they score.


What are the three things that the Declaration of Independence says governments are to protect?




The Pursuit of Happiness – or Property


If a constitution has a provision that violates any of these three purposes of government, is it constitutional to follow that provision as constitutional?


No.  Any law, even a constitutional clause, that contradicts the purpose of instituting government is repugnant to law and liberty.  Such a constitution would not pass a test as a “republican” form of government which is required for a state to enter the union.  Unfortunately, as state constitutions are amended over time, there is no required retest that the document meets the requirements of law.  That is, consistent with the purposes and forms of a government that exercises the rule of law.  It is therefor the burden of the people to make sure they never support an amendment that does not fit the rule of law.


If a legislature passes a law that creates a victimless crime, is that constitutional?


Your particular constitution may or may not specify if such a law is allowed, however, passing such a law does make a crime out of something that used to be legal and thus restricts liberty.  This is often justified to protect life, in that such a behavior might reduce the probability of either a real crime or likelihood of an accident that could threaten life.

Thomas Jefferson

Accepting the idea that the state has proper judgment to reasonably enforce any law that “protects” life at the expense of liberty is putting confidence in men.  Better to keep liberty than to create a safe prison for the people.


What form of government does each state of the united States have?


A constitutional republic.

If they said a democracy, then they need to understand the next answer.


List the 5 types of government and the level of individual protection of rights by each.


A Constitutional Republic: Protects every individual’s rights by law.  No one is above the law.

A Democracy: Protects every individual’s rights by law unless the majority agrees not to .

Socialism:  Protects every individual’s rights by public policy to the extent enforced by public opinion.

Communism: Protects no individual rights whatsoever.

Dictatorship: All rights are privileges and subject to the whim of the dictator or oligarchy.


What is the difference between a politician and a statesman?


A Statesman is governed by principles of law.  Nothing that violates the principles explained in the Declaration of Independence is in line with statesmanship.

A Politician is a creature of opportunity and pragmatism and will stoop to whatever level his constituents and the situation will allow.  Politicians may have great intentions and high sounding words but their actions belie the herd mentality and a “flexible” interpretation of law.  Therefore, a politician cannot be trusted with any real power.


What political body determines whether or not a law is constitutional?


If the answer was “The supreme Court” they would be wrong even though this is what most people think is the case.

The correct answer is  “Thu Jury” which inherently represents “We the People” who instituted the constitution in the first place and thus should be the final authority as to the constitutionality of a law.

Judges will assert that they are the final authority on the determination of “the law” but they were intended just to be referees in the court by our founders.  The people hold the ultimate power as clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence which is the core document that creates our republic and states the fundamental self-evident truths that lie at the crux of the rule of law.

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