The end of freedom?

Is the American Experiment about done?

We have come to a complete corruption of the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature branches both at the state and federal levels.

State Representative Heather Scott has been widely telling her constituents and others about the massive corruption going on by the senior legislators to prevent the legislature from conviening so they can address overreach of both the state and federal governments.

What is happening is the state legislature leadership is not following the Constitution and the state executive isn’t enforcing the law in this case and the Supreme Court won’t even hear evidence of election fraud.

There simply aren’t enough people that care about the Constitution or Law to hold it up anymore.

So few people even understand what law is and this will throw us into a chaos that will destroy all we have gained since becoming an independent nation.

Without law there is no justice.

Without justice there is no non-violent cure for conflict.

Without that cure there will eventually be no solution but violence.

Without peace, we cannot function as a people efficiently together.

Without that ability, we cannot provide for our needs.

We are now living in a complete crony capitalist system that is ready to collapse at any moment.

God help us!

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Watching my birthright dissolve

Looking off into the future does not look good right now.

I got my stimulus check from Governor Little today. He enclosed a letter similar to BIden’s telling me how great the economy is and how I am getting “my fair share” of the proceeds from the state windfall in cash.

Unfortunately, that money came from the FED that is now controlled by the US Executive branch that is printing debt notes as fast as congress will allow. That’s because we are in a fire sale as the crystal clear evidence that the petro dollar will soon collapse comes upon us.

This is the bribe of the millenium come clear down to the state votor that was used to bribe our governors into lockdowns and mandates far outside our constitutional limits. Rome’s bread and circus didn’t come close to what we are seeing today.

Congress, Biden and most of our Governors are using that bribe to pay off their cronies and bribe the votors into giving them just enough power to complete the destruction of our Constitutional Republc, our sovreign individual rights and possibly even private property ownership itself. (See your copy of the Communist Manifesto for details)

Scott Bedke has the power to call our legislature into session so the people’s representatives can give input on Little’s latest proposed mandates but I doubt he will do that as he is in the same cronie pockets as is Little. Same play as last year, mandates vs representative government.

Maybe Governor Newsom will get recalled this week and God will turn this mess around?

We need to pray and repent for this nation and our liberties to survive.

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Hiding in plain sight

Ok this is a killer conspiracy theory that has come to my mind several times in the last few years. In my 63+ years I have never seen a movie or read a story anywhere that makes the main-stream media out to be the bad guy – except Network and 1984.


I have personally experienced, first hand incidents that proves the media are adept at lying and misleading the public. If you doubt this, just look up “911 building 7 BBC” and you will learn of a glaring and huge example of this being done on a global scale.

So if anyone reading this CAN think of a movie or story that DOES postulate that the media is lying to us all (besides Network or 1984) let me know.

The reason Network is an exception is because the movie is so in your face about the idea of the media lying that it actually acts as a reverse-psychology piece. If a nut-case yells at you that the media is lying to you – do yoiu believe that? No.

1984 is not an exception but a very real case of a story that actually tells the truth but in a fictional setting.

On the other hand, I just watched the great movie with Liam Neilson called Unknown that, like a ton of other movies, shows the media to be truthful and good.

I wonder if this lack of an incling of truth proves a massive conspiracy theory – that all mass entertainment, including books, are controlled to make you never suspect that the media is a key instrument in public deception. This imbeds in all our subsconsciences that we can trust the media and a very insidious way.

Jus sayin…

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Managing life in a crazy world

I’ve had this impending doom feeling of late. Faced with a world I cannot control, I sense this futility of trying to “keep it together”, It’s not just Biden. It’s not just COVID. It’s not just money. It’s not just the eternal sunshine of things always breaking. It’s not just health issues. It’s not just social adjustments. It’s something spiritual.

The world has been at war since Eve ate that apple and the battle is reaching a fever pitch. The long-term plans of a rebelious spirit are coming to fruition and Satan is about to unleash hell on earth. God is going to let him do it too. It’s all part of the plan to glorify the unique deity of good.

I am trying to let go of the control of my life. I am trying to let God run the show because I am just too tired to do it on my own. I accomplish in a day a quarter of what I used to and the world has sped up to about twice as fast as it used to be 20 years ago.

I have made mistakes that have trapped me into situations I really don’t want to be in. I am suffering the just consequences of my mistakes.

All is not bad and I really have no right to complain, but I am begining to feel like an old man in a rocking chair on the proch. Watching the people go by and helplessly feeling like I make no difference anymore.

I realize we all feel this way at times and so I thought the best I could do was just express this feeling to others and see if it rings a chord.

God is real. God is good and we are not.


What did Soloman say near the end of his life?

1 Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth,
Before the difficult days come,
And the years draw near when you say,
“I have no pleasure in them”:
While the sun and the light,
The moon and the stars,
Are not darkened,
And the clouds do not return after the rain;
In the day when the keepers of the house tremble,
And the strong men bow down;
When the grinders cease because they are few,
And those that look through the windows grow dim;
When the doors are shut in the streets,
And the sound of grinding is low;
When one rises up at the sound of a bird,
And all the daughters of music are brought low.
Also they are afraid of height,
And of terrors in the way;
When the almond tree blossoms,
The grasshopper is a burden,
And desire fails.
For man goes to his eternal home,
And the mourners go about the streets.

Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed,
Or the golden bowl is broken,
Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain,
Or the wheel broken at the well.
Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
And the spirit will return to God who gave it.

13Fear God and keep His commandments,
For this is man’s all.
14 For God will bring every work into judgment,
Including every secret thing,
Whether good or evil.

So how can I end on a good note?

Just this.

We were given a life that we could not make for ourselves and all we have and are is the creator’s. All we do and all we have is credited to Him and “He don’t make mistakes”.

I am a creation of God put on this earth for a purpose and all I do is in His hands and in the end He will give me my just and gracious rewards and I will enjoy Him and be with Him forever, as he promised.

John 14 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so,I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.

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Aaron’s Log Loader

A friend of mine, Aaron Osborn, has created a log loader and entered it into this year’s Idaho County Fair. I posted this here so he can send a link to friends about his exciting project.

This is a fully operational log loader designed and built by Aaron Osborn.  It has been a labor of love for over 12 years!

Aaron’s Log Loader diagram

It uses water with alcohol as the hydraulic fluid.  Control cylinders are used to actuate the power cylinders with hydraulic force.  A DC motor operates the orientation of the grapple.

The tracks are free-moving so the loader can be pushed along as is the cab turntable so the cab and arm can be turned.

Here is Aaron’s exhibit at the County Fair.
The entry recieved a blue first place ribbon and a merit ribbon for showmanship

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More reasons why our education system is performing worse with massive resources

This is an addendum to my blog on why education costs so much.

That blog was very short so it could be published by the newspaper. I will try to go into more detail here.

In general our society has abandoned republicanism for socialism. Republicanism is not about a party but about the concept of “do no harm” codified by law. It is a form of government designed to honor the rights and choices of every individual and group that “does no harm”. Socialism is about “the ends justifies the means” to create a utopian state which in reality most of the time is just a marketing gimmick to eventually concentrate all power into the state. It is about protecting the rights and power of a select class of citizen while the rest effectively become slaves to the state. Between a republican form of government and a socialist form of government is the transition form of democracy which protects the rights of the majority. Beyond socialism is communism which basically removes all rights from everyone.

Behind this transition is the idea of “fairness” and then “equality”.

Many school teacher’s I know will bring this up. “How is it fair that a school in a poor neighborhood gets less money and poorer teachers than one in a rich area?”

This is a core socialist concept that pushes society in general towards more concentration of power and loss of liberty. It is something our founders fraught hard to prevent from happening here by limiting the power of government by constitutions and actually defining the very purpose of government in the Declaration of Independence – to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and basically takes a “do no harm” stance. It is not governments job to “fix society” and thus also not its job to “educate society”.

This common idea of equality and fairness historically seems to have driven just about every society to the point of self-destruction eventually. America has been a huge exception for a long time but organized sources have finally pushed us to the point where the people will swallow just about anything and allow themselves to be imprisoned by “fairness” and “safety”.

We have actually migrated from the idea that a crime does harm to someone to the idea that disobeying the states will (misnamed a “law”) is the crime and that the state has the right to “modify or control behavior” in any way it sees fit. The veil of “democracy” is used to push this change.

Once these ideas become wide-spread the idea of collective theft becomes justified and eventually results in everyone robbing everyone instead of taking responsibility for their own prosperity and this leads to economic collapse and the excuse for the government to become a totalitarian state to cope with the “crisis”.

Your tax dollars typically go up to the state or even federal level and then comes back to your school in the form of funds all with strings attached. Curricula standards as well get centralized and then come down uniformly on all the schools within that jurisdiction. Even school boards are known to oppose the will of parents because the parents don’t directly fund the schools but go through this circuitous path the removes control of the local school from the parents.

In the Bible, God makes it the responsibility of the father to educate of his children. It doesn’t give this responsibility even to the church and certainly not to the state.

This doesn’t mean that God wants everyone home schooled, it just means that the family decides how much and what kind of education their children will receive.

When each family dictates the education we gain a massive diversity of quality and quantity and philosophies of education that promotes critical thinking, massive competition and a “well rounded” society with numerous points of view.

The only thing that must exist for this decentralized education to work is a common morality that keeps families from “doing harm”.

When education becomes centralized we get problems like the recent “Critical Race Theory” issue that can change the philosophy and viewpoint of an entire generation and if that collective opinion is wrong, the entire society can go into an error that could actually destroy the society itself.

Collectivized education actually enables a society to literally destroy itself within a few generations.

Collectivized education also destroys competition and generally drives quality down and cost up.

We now live in a time where a parent can home-school a child sufficiently to have them then learn for themselves with no need for any expense to have higher educational institutions.

The parents must only impart sufficient common sense, morality, self-control and critical thinking to guard their children from “fake news” and lies. Those desiring institutionalized education can do it privately where the funds for it are not taken at gunpoint by the government.

Because our collective educational system actually opposes critical thinking and morality/God, it sets up the next generation to be vulnerable to propaganda, peer pressure, and immorality. This is a natural byproduct of collective thinking. We are taught by grades which are generally tied to age which is an absolute false assumption. This concept was cemented in long ago with truancy laws.

A one-room school house that teaches all ages together removes the false impression that everyone is equal. Collective education creates the impression that everyone is equal and entitled to the same education and in a way that causes an entire state or nation to generally believe the same history and truths. This has the advantage of promoting unity of the state mind and conditions all to accept majority (or apparent majority) opinion as generally correct.

The only way to reduce education cost and increase its quality is to allow true competition between both schools and ideas and that will require local, even parental, control and voluntary local funding.

You cannot make a population of diverse talents, resources and attitudes into one without enslaving everyone.

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An open letter to Elon Musk

First I want to let you know that I have the highest respect for your amazing accomplishments. You are truly a visionary genius. You also appear to be a well intentioned inventor, looking into the future of mankind and wishing to enthrall your customers with superior products.

I write this letter because I am baffled.

I am baffled how you manage to obtain phenomenal success where other inventors have been squashed by governments and even killed for attempting to change the rules of the game.

Perhaps you have a skill-set and connections these other inventors didn’t have. Or perhaps there is some fundamental difference between the technologies you are creating vs the ones that other inventors have tried to create but failed.

One pattern I have noticed in your accomplishments is that each technology you create such as tunnels, sky networks, virtual power plants, and electric cars, are all connected via a network or are large-scale efforts that require massive amounts of capital to build and maintain.

All of your technologies I know of can eventually be used to monitor and control individuals via government or an elite despite your making the claim that such technologies will reduce government control over individuals. Even your home solar panels, which could enhance independent power generation are connected via a (smart) power grid which could monitor and control all power distribution and use.

Current technologies that have revolutionized life as we know it such as cell phones, the internet, air travel, and the power grid are all now used to monitor and/or control/influence individuals centrally. Flying cars can’t seem to get off the ground but centralized airport systems routinely pierce our privacy and deny us the use of a firearm to defend ourselves in the air.

On top of this pattern, it appears that true safety, privacy and security take a back seat for both the government and silicone valley. We still use insecure protocols such as SMTP and any encryption technology that can’t easily be broken by hardware is considered a military weapon. Privacy in economic transactions is called money laundering and is outlawed yet spam and virus propagation seems to go unpunished.

This is very similar to the old-school legal system that invents endless victimless-crimes to control behavior yet does not enforce perjury except in special circumstances where the perjurer threatens the status-quo power structure.

The technologies developed by the other inventors I know of that have been stopped such as Nikola Tesla’s turbine, his resonant coils and harnessing of natural energies technologies or other inventors that have tried to create anti-gravity, magnet motors, cars that run on water or HHO, and game changing improvements in fossil engine fuel efficiency all are independent and individual enhancing devices that are relatively simple for a small enterprise to make and use independently of any centrally controlling network or metering. These, it seems, can never quite make it to the general public.

The NSA routinely declares patents illegal for national security reasons. and squashes any ideas that grant an individual power to be both independent and resist government intrusion and control.

Admittedly, criminals continue to use any technology available to exploit others. What we lack is true justice and technologies that could be applied to this area of life just don’t seem to be applied to enforce it. Perhaps ubiquitous monitoring of everyone will allow perfect law enforcement but first we must have laws that protect individual rights and prevent the collective swallowing of all liberty that ubiquitous monitoring enables.

Give a man a fishing poll and he can live off the oceans and rivers independently of anyone.

Build a man a fish factory and he will never be free of it.

I watched some collections of your interviews over the years online and noticed little mention of your efforts to create a brain-computer interface. Again, a very powerful tool for augmented reality yet also a very scary tool for mind control and exquisite torture.

I approve of your warnings about AI getting out of control, but, being the individualist that I am, I wonder if you are worried that AI will get out of control of the elites preventing total control by them of every human being on the planet rather than trying to protect mankind in general. You are, after all, building “skynet” which was a key infrastructure for the machines in the Terminator series of movies.

I admire your goal to get off-planet with colonies to create a backup for possible catastrophic failure of earth but if such colonies are connected by the same technologies we are using on earth, will not remote control of those colonists still exist? Will they really survive the loss of earth?

You have said you value more those that point out mistakes or flaws in your thinking so I was moved to write this for your benefit.

I admit, any technology can be used for good or evil and I can’t blame you or any inventor if his ideas intended for good turn into weapons implementing evil.

My advice would be to observe human nature and attempt to promote moral ethics and justice that prevents the wrong use of technology rather than just be an engineer that gives the world the tools needed to destroy or enslave itself.

I certainly wish you well in your efforts but I wanted to warn you that your dreams may not match the dreams of those that may eventually use your technologies once you are no longer around or able to stop them.

Or you could be, like Bill Gates, possibly one of the most evil persons on the planet.

I really can’t tell from here.

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The core issue behind educational funding

Public education has proper boundaries we no longer observe

Sandra Goffinet in her letter to the editor dated April 22nd, 2021 reveals to me the underlying differences between her thinking and that of Rep. Priscilla Giddings and the IFF (PG&IFF).

Sandra’s view reflects the collectivist perspective which involves the vision of a utopian society and thus a utopian citizen where the “ends justifies the means” while PG&IFF reflect the idea of “do no harm”, choosing to limit government education to that which does not attempt to limit the choices and rights of individuals.

Sandra’s heart-felt goal of fairness and equality for all are laudable but she does not see that such a wonderful goal is being used to justify the use of collective theft (involuntary taxes) to engineer society by creating the “utopian mind”. A goal that is impossible to achieve.

Public education has become an empty pit for resources because it is trying to produce an impossible goal instead of simply providing enough moral and technical training to allow a free individual to flourish in a free society.

We see this happening now very clearly in the utopian “be safe” goal being driven by the enslaving mask and vaccine passport mandates, bypassing constitutional limits. Again, the end of eradicating a common cold virus is impossible to achieve yet this “end” justifies the most draconian “means”. This cripples the very society it claims to be trying to save.

PG&IFF are not “cold hearted right wing extremists” which is trigger language based on an emotional appeal, but are simply trying to stop the overzealous social engineers from further harming our society with “mandates” for the utopian mind using the force of government to achieve their goals.

There is so much more to explain here but space limits me for now.

See a follow up blog entry here.

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Education vs Training

Education has always been a hot button.  It was mentioned in the Northwest Ordinance almost 2 centuries ago to allocate massive territorial lands to promote education and even today it receives tons of tax monies most of which is applied by the state and federal governments with strings attached.

There is a difference, however, between education and training. 

Education teaches you how to learn and think with a base of moral training that helps one discern right from wrong. Training, on the other hand, teaches you what to think and how to follow directions. The two are diametrically opposed to each other.

President Eisenhower alluded to a Military-Industrial-Complex in his infamous 1961 farewell address. It is telling that he did not mention the word “Academic” that was written in his original notes, making it a “Military-Industrial-Academic Complex” which he was trying to warn us about. 

The Universities feed the corporations with trained graduates that can quickly plug into projects and learn what to do but not think too hard about whether or not what they are doing is right or wrong.  So we now have trained geniuses creating AI, designed obsolescence, deadly drugs and bio-weapons, robots and drones that create tech dynasties and possible military threats to people and they continue to travel down a very sick road towards trans-humanism that is submerging all we know as human.

This is because the correct goal of true education is not knowledge or conformity or efficiency but the development of character and wisdom.
More than ever, with the internet, all anyone has to know is how to read (or watch videos) and virtually all knowledge is open to them.
The only way to navigate this flood of information is to have wisdom to discern the truth from fiction and that requires common sense and moral character.
The Main-Stream-Media (MSM) is trying to act as our moral compass and it is succeeding because many graduates of our educational system have neither discernment nor character and so swallow and believe whatever the news tells them that fits the narrative gained from their training.

Moral character is extremely important to have in a free society. We cannot be free if we cannot govern ourselves and a moral cage, so to speak, is what enables a society to exist without enslavement to regulations and thought police.

Anyone that votes for whoever is most popular or takes a social justice warrior stand because that is what they think their peers want to hear has no moral courage or compass. They have been converted into the drone of a demagogue or enslaved by fear, selling their soul for a bowl of porridge.

We now have a significant split between people that follow the MSM narrative and those that think for themselves using common sense.
This lack of discernment and common sense is literally dividing our country.
Our educational system is systematically destroying the greatness that was once called America.

Consider the fact that our state legislature is considering some important budget measures that will effect whether or not our higher institutions of learning (paid for by your taxes) will teach Critical Race Theory as not only a requirement for the students but for the teachers as well.

What will it take to salvage ourselves from the self-enslaving institution of government education? I suggest we walk away from centralized and institutionalized government schools and pursue excellence locally and on our own. The age of the institutionalized government funded education systems is over and this dinosaur must soon die or we shall die trying to keep it alive.

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My thoughts on the whole COVID mess

It’s hard to talk about this stuff with friends. I want to respect those that are submitting to official advise and simply trying to protect themselves and follow the authority of their governments… but…

They are wrong (IMHO).

COVID is a major step in a very long thought-out plan to convert the world to communism. The globalist movement has been clearly seen since the League of Nations and is backed by the elite rich from Rothchild to Gates.

The pattern is very clear if you look at history.

I think the best way to present this is by asking a bunch of questions.

Did you know:

  • That Faucci was active in the creation of the HIV scam that caused the death of millions via AZT and other toxins used to fight a virus that did no harm?
  • That Bill Gates owns near controlling stock in every vaccine company involved in COVID?
  • That the 5G protocol crosses the 60GHZ range which resonates with Oxygen?
  • That if you pump enough energy into an O2 molecule you will cause its spin to exceed that level absorbable by a blood cell?
  • That at Wuhan there were multiple instances of people dropping to the ground as if unable to breathe?
  • That Manchester England had to cut down almost all green vegetation to make the 5g systems work?
  • That the communications companies are exempt by law to research the health consequences of any system they might invent?
  • That the COVID outbreak at Wuhan was preceded only weeks before by event 201 which was a rehearsal of what to do in case of a pandemic?
  • That The WHO and CDC are majorly influenced by Bill Gates who owns large interests in each company?
  • That the media has outright lied about masks making any significant difference in transmitting the COVID virus?
  • That no random and double blind testing has ever shown a statistically significant effect of mask wearing vs CORONA infection?
  • That anti-vax and plandemic views of the COVID crisis are consistently removed by social media such as Facebook and YouTube?
  • That many-many scientists and doctors do not endorse the current lockdown policies being enforced all over the world?
  • That several people have found there to be contamination of COVID virus in PCR test kits?
  • That the PCR test is not recommended for diagnosing a virus by its inventor?
  • That the PCR test can be made more or less sensitive to a positive result by altering the number of duplication cycles used?
  • That even the CDC has admitted that false positives happen 80% of the time using the approved PCR test?
  • That alternative testing methods are often blocked by governments?
  • That alternative COVID treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine are outlawed and blocked by many governments even though they are proven safe and endorsed by many health practitioners?
  • That the anti-COVID vaccines are experimental and can cause permanent DNA damage to a user?
  • That people are discovering Nano-worms and the like in PCR test swabs?
  • That many mayors, county counsels and governors are violating their oaths of office in enforcing lockdown policies?
  • That false reporting has been admitted by the CDC resulting in inflated COVID case numbers?
  • That if you die and it looks like COVID it is recorded as death by COVID but if you die from the vaccine and it might be caused by something else, it is recorded as a non-vaccine death?
  • That the current distance between two people for satellite signal isolation is 6 feet?
  • That 5G is a necessary system to achieve the bandwidths needed to support the internet of things?
  • That as COVID was spreading over the earth, communication companies and governments were building up 5G systems as quickly as possible?
  • That Elon Musk plans to launch some 24,000 satellites into orbit to support the 5G and 6G systems covering every spot on the globe?
  • That states and nations that did not lock down are no worse off than those that did?

All these ideas and more I believe are true but proving them is very difficult to do. I could attempt to link you to dozens of articles and videos supporting these views but I doubt they would change a skeptics views.

All I can say is, I see a very consistent pattern of forcing totalitarian policies onto people all over the globe using the COVID crisis as an excuse to do so.

IMHO we are in the final stages of a centuries long plan to enslave mankind where the would-be masters need to quickly consolidate power, exterminate all opposition, and prevent any possibility of revolt in order to achieve their goals.

I challenge the reader to investigate each of the above statements as to whether or not they are true using their own resources to do so. I suggest that you not limit yourself to the Main-Stream-Media or Main-Stream-Internet sources to find the evidence to support these assertions.

I believe you will find, if you are honest and open, that most or all of these assertions are reasonably probable and true and that the pattern I allude to is quite in line with the preponderance of the evidence.

We have little time to stop this coup and will likely find millions dead soon from the vaccines and other scams being propagated as I write.

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