An answer for Natural Law Anarchists


Mark Passio explaining Natural Law

This post is in reference to this excellent series on Natural Law a friend pointed out to me.

Mark makes a very compelling argument for Natural Law being above government authority and thus advocates anarchy as the only truly lawful government.

However, Mark may be missing a subtle point that causes me to disagree with the anarchists.
I hit this problem long ago in Romans 13 and on the surrender of Christ voluntarily to the (bogus) authorities of the day to be crucified.
Mark is an ex-satanist and so has likely not received the Holy Spirit fully yet in his life and so is blind to this point as are all anarchists I have spoken with.
Christ/God is the owner of all and the only truly legitimate authority of this universe.  This is implied all through Mark’s presentation – the Creator made Natural Law, it is not a creation of man.  This is, like natural law, a fact that most people don’t like to think about.  This is why the biblical flood is so ignored by our culture – it represents proof that God has the authority to judge this world.
IF Christ is God and the recorded scriptures accurately reflect His will, then we must deal with the fact that we are called to “love our enemies as ourselves” (Mat 5:43-48) and “Love those that persecute you”.
This is literally a command NOT to exercise your right to self defense.
This is the very high calling of Christ and it is either the true will of the creator or the Bible is just another tool for mind control.
When Mark points out that Christ took a switch to the money changers in the temple, he probably wasn’t aware that He did that on the Feast of Unleavened Bread – the time when all families in Israel were removing the leaven from their homes.  It had symbolic meaning and wasn’t just Christ throwing a tantrum at some evil sin.  It is the only time when Christ seems to exhibit any kind of violent response to sin.
If Christ’s words and behavior are correct, it coincides with Pauls admonition in Romans 13 for us to respect any authority.   To me, Paul seems to say that anyone that happens to have power, has so at the hand of God, and is thus appointed by God to rule over us.  I have always not liked this because a thug can simply claim legitimate authority and get the passive Christians to follow him.  But Christ willingly surrendered to the bogus authorities of the day and stopped Peter who wanted to exercise his legitimate right to self defense with his sword.
This is where I differ from the anarchists.  This world is temporary and our sin has put us into bondage and exile from the kingdom of God till, in God’s time, we are released from it.
We are not called to “fix it”.  (I really can’t believe I am saying this!) We are told to obey authorities (even illegitimate ones) so we can live lives of peace.  Presumably this is so we can win others to Christ and work for the Kingdom of God instead of the Kingdom of man.  Mark is still stuck (where I was for a long time) in the “all evil requires is for good men to do nothing” – or “God helps those that help themselves”.  We didn’t make this world and we won’t be able to fix it.  God made it for His glory, not ours.  The Church is a woman and the Song of Solomon shows us how lame and stupid she is.  The bridegroom (Christ) redeems her and restores her, she accomplishes nothing of herself but to lock her King out of her home while she sleeps, changing her mind, and getting lost trying to find him.  She loves Him but in a totally ditsy way that accomplishes nothing.  It is the rock that the Church is based on that prevents the gates of hell from prevailing against her not her actions or power.
Either the Bible is true, and we are all slaves to Christ in this life…. or All Religion, including Christianity, is a mind-control program and life is pointless and meaningless.
I see no middle ground.
Still, I highly recommend a listen to Mark’s presentation above.  He does still contradict himself in that he appears to believe in evolution and references Rosicrucian masters, tarot cards, and other false sources of enlightenment.  It is a very dark place from which this guy comes so I can give him some slack.  Just beware, when one learns much truth, any error therein is that much more powerful and easily swallowed.
I spent time watching this other video by the same author:
He reveals things to me I had not perceived on watching the first 3 videos.  Does this man believe the Bible?  Does he believe in the Resurrection?  Certainly not.  He has an appearance of righteousness but denies the power of God and certainly lacks the humility needed to know the truth.  I regarded him more as poison than help by the time I was done with this last video.  If you can’t see his error, flee this information and re-read your bible.
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The Uncertainty Principle of Bible Interpretation


I recently was listening to a Christian friend explaining to me his interpretation of Bible doctrine from his reading from only the King James Bible.  He took a very exacting interpretation based on the plurality and capitalization of each word and after about 2 hours he could basically explain to me why Christ will not return till all Christians are dead.

And so enters the problem of Bible interpretation.

I am a jello interpreter.  In other words, I am open minded and constantly looking for better hermaneutics to use when interpreting the Bible.  The more I learn the more gelatinous I seem to get.  I am beginning to approach a liquid state!

Thus I have come up with a new idea that I think explains it.  The Bible is a LIVING WORD.  It moves how you move.  Each verse is contextually specific in its meaning, but unfortunately, like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, your situation and attitude are part of the context.

Let’s take an example:

Matthew 7:1 – Judge not that you be not judged.

If you see yourself as a poor judge of people, a sinner that has a hard time being objective, you would think it very bad to judge others – why put yourself under your own feeble powers of judgment?

If you see yourself as a mature Christian, rightly dividing the Word of truth and able to see and call out issues that are clearly wrong, you might think it a good thing that you judge others rightly and thus receive a righteous judgment for yourself.

The context here of Judge can be taken as a wrong type of accusing judgment or it can be taken as a righteous judgment.  Indeed other places in the Bible we are called to judge rightly.

So I have (tentatively of course, in keeping with my gelatinous nature) decided that the Bible is more meant to be a mirror and guide for the reader rather than a manual that is meant to hold a singular meaning for all of its readers.

Certainly there are clear parts that apply to all, but the subtle things, especially those not of a salvific nature, will fall where the reader needs them to fall.

Thus much of the Bible is like a wave function that collapses into a point only for each reader, not necessarily in the same place for all readers.

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Wandering down the rabbit hole too far

DSC_4539I love to learn and I have learned a lot and yet I am sensing that our collective human knowledge is growing far faster than I can learn.  I now feel more ignorant and insignificant each new day.  The complexities of what is this life are making me feel like an infant or an ant.  My ever energetic pursuit of truth and God is faltering into a crap-shoot and my faith, though I feel is strong, is more blurred each day.

Maybe I am just watching too many YouTubes.  Maybe my energy level has degraded with age to the point of indecision and confusion.  Maybe the unknowable is creeping up on me.

Ah I long for the simplicity of the days when I was young and had all the answers – or a least enough of them to be able to convincingly answer questions of people.

I sense as I think through a question on a deep philosophical idea, that there is this creepy kind of problem like “That depends on what IS means” to almost any idea I ponder.

I just have to take rest in the words of Christ – “only believe and you shall be saved”.  God takes full responsibility for our souls, by paying the price for us, and by reducing our task to faith and simple obedience.  I pray that it is simple obedience, as anything more difficult becomes impossible to meet.  My sin is ever before me, though I cast it off onto the blood, each new day brings feelings of dissatisfaction with myself.

At some point I will die and my consciousness will transition into something I cannot now know.  Will I even be thinking after death as I think now?  If so, how can this be called “rest”?  Perhaps the loss of the fear of death will yield a true peace – but I hope I don’t become bored.

God is… infinite in every measure and clearly incomprehensible to us, again in all dimensions.  Speaking with a friend recently who was quite confident in her position with God, describing a child-like faith, I long for, yet somehow resist, I found myself uncomfortable with her simple description of her relationship with the creator of all things.

I ask, over and over, how can anyone really know God in this lifetime?

Obviously, I must become more childlike, for that is how those in the Kingdom of Heaven will be.

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A response to an Atheist

This was a recent response to an atheist that was arguing that the Golden Rule was universally accepted and thus not a Christian idea.

Yes the Golden Rule is expressed everywhere.

This tells me that the idea of fairness is universally built into man’s conscience.
It is a moral ethic all men know they should do.

But most, if not all men, don’t do this.
This means that most or all men don’t follow their own moral compass of what is right.
This means that most or all men are evil – doing evil when they know what good is.
This is the problem of sin.
All the other religions either require works to build your “karma” to a point of moral justification or they ignore conscience altogether (as properly atheists should).
Some use reincarnation to put off judging ourselves so as to ignore the problem.
Some use evolution to deny a creator and thus put off the problem.
Judeo-Christianity is the ONLY one that realizes that sin is a crime against our creator that only our creator can forgive.
This creates the necessity for a savior because God is perfect and cannot just forget sin – it must be paid for in a way acceptable to God.
Man cannot pay this price because he is the creature and his value is not sufficient to meet the injury caused to a perfect God/creator, thus:
  God had to pay the price and thus:
  Any intermediary must be God to make that payment adequately.
The intermediary must also be fully man to attach that payment to mankind.
He must also fully meet the ethical standard of our inherent moral law or else he, being sinful man, would be disqualified as able to make a moral justification.
He is the connection between God and Man that is absolutely necessary for our moral sin to be fully and properly justified before a perfect God.
This is the unique thing about my worldview that your’s cannot swallow.
In my worldview, only Jesus possibly meets these requirements:
  He claimed to be able to forgive sin
  He claimed to be one with God
  His disciples claimed he rose from the dead and no one has been able to disprove this fact despite great special interests to do so throughout history.
Logically, anyone that denies a creator must deny moral law and thus must deny right and wrong.
Without a creator, there is no entity to reconcile sin with and thus there is no sin.
Without sin, which is evil, there can be no definition of good either.
Without good or evil, there is no way to determine what direction is advancement or decay.
Chaos thus reigns and no order can exist because there is no universal definition of order.
The world is observed to be very universally ordered,
We know this because the mathematical probability of having a world as we observe it is demonstrably 0.
This implies infinite order.
Thus it cannot logically be true that there is no creator.
This is the undeniable logic of creationism and Christianity (or any worldview that acknowledges the existence of a perfect, all powerful, all knowing, unchanging, morally pure creator)
Do you get it yet?
No other worldview has this logic behind it.
Sure there are problems and things we don’t understand, but logic always brings us back to our origins and simple scientific observation tells us things don’t make themselves at any scale at any place at any time.
No contrary example has ever been observed – this is scientific evidence of the highest order!
Evolution is simply not observed regardless of how much we may wish it existed or invent stories that it does exist – it is not observed.  
We don’t even have the ability to make a self-replicating system much less show order out of chaos.
Thus logic forces us to conclude that we did not make ourselves either.
We are part of creation itself so we cannot become the creator – we cannot be our own God or savior logically.
Again logic forces us to acknowledge a creator exists whether we can see him or not.
We cannot prove His existence but logic will not allow us to deny His existence either.
Who created the creator is a problem beyond the scope our observation. We are stuck in time and space and thus that question for us is moot.
Either we exist or not.
If we don’t exist, the only logical way out of this irrefutable logic, then ALL questions are MOOT.
This is why many of the strongest atheists in history either went nuts or killed themselves.
The logic is simply inescapable.
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When enough things go wrong…


deep-snow-at-the-ranchFor the past several years things have gone wrong for me.  My fortune lost, my wife left, my health failing, and my hopes fading.  Last night was one to remember – or maybe one I should forget.  I have not been sick this long since boot camp in the Navy.  A general sinus/respiratory winter bug picked up at Thanksgiving has morphed and remained and the year is almost gone.  To compound this I got a hernia about a month ago as well and when I went to a Dr. to have it looked at I found my b.p. was 200/100 and I suspect my A1C was back up to 600 as it was in 2012 when I took my last physical exam (I declined the blood-work – I didn’t want to hear any more bad news).

Last night as I coughed up maybe a cup of fluid from my lungs and could hear that “old mans friend” rattle in my chest, I realized I was seriously sick.   Living out here at my ranch is beautiful but isolated.  Especially now with a foot of snow on the ground.  We plow the roads with the ATV which recently had decided not to do 4WD in reverse rendering it very susceptible to getting stuck.  I tried my chains but unfortunately, due to having gotten new tires that happen to be bigger, they don’t fit.  The winch on my truck has turned out to be a life saver.

I have been listening to teaching tapes about how the true source of sickness is really in our minds – or more accurately, our hearts.  So I have been trying to “relax” and trust God and be at peace.  I created an ‘Alter of God’s Cares’ upon which I have written all my cares and walk by it several times a day to remind myself that “those problems” are not mine to worry about.

As I coughed and sniffled most of last night trying to find a little REM sleep, a nasty thought came into my mind – do I have lung cancer?  My mom died of that stuff when she was 61 and I am now 59.  I dismissed it quickly, not needing another problem to worry about.

I hate doctors and hospitals with a passion.  I simply know too much and I don’t trust them at all.  All they do is hunt for problems and then push drugs to fix them.  They raise the stress levels to the sky as they predict your imminent demise because your numbers are out of whack.  I don’t mind knowing when something is wrong but the solutions they offer just make things worse in the long run.  At my last checkup they began to ask me a series of questions about depression and I found I was quite depressed.  Later it came to mind that answering those questions will go into my medical record forever and maybe 20 years from now could be used by a death-panel to euthanize me.  I wish I hadn’t participated.  I trust them like I do the IRS and lawyers.

I know I live with tons of fear, mostly of government systems like the medical and legal money sucking scams we have now in the US.  So far, I have been able to keep myself away from these systems but now that I am broke, that is becoming more difficult.  I need to find my DD214 form so I can use VA services to get this hernia fixed at an affordable price.  It’s the suction of the scam I am feeling, slowly pulling me into its vortex of “health care” and “insurance” and government “benefits”.  If you lose your health and your not rich, you are toast if you want to stay away from these systems.  They are like parasites that come at the end of life to suck whatever you have left away from you and then leave your old dried-up carcus to the undertaker – the last scam in the line.  Incidentally, I just got a solicitation last week from the same cemetery where my parents are burred on special deals for plots – just seems too coincidental to me.

I don’t think of myself as a pessimist, but a critical analyzer, looking for possible problems to avoid.  I think this critical streak in me ends up mostly condemning myself with regrets from the past and worries of the future.  Such things are against God’s laws and I know are sin – I am trying to purge those things from myself even as circumstances seem to be getting worse and worse.  I am trying to make sure I have forgiven everyone.  I want to rest in God’s provision no matter what the circumstances.   I don’t want to complain and I try to do something fun and productive every day.

Sickness can be a great purging time.  You are forced to rest.  If you want to get better, you better eat right and get a little exercise every day.  There is a good side to all suffering.

It’s just hard.  It’s just really hard.

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One good Mandela Effect begets another

Once again, I am writing about this fascinating thing called the Mandela Effect.  One of the best videos so far that I have seen on this topic is here.  Skip to 7:30 as the first part is pretty random speculation by the author that I don’t consider vary valuable.

One of the examples in this video is the Berest[E/A]in Bears. (23:50 in the video)

The URL being shown in the video is  If you go there you will see this:

Berenste-ain bears shot

In the video you will see that the author shows this page in a wayback machine and notes that the name changed around July-August of 2001.  He never noticed that the URL was spelled the old way.

Now there are two possibilities as I see it.

  1. The Mandela Effect is bogus and the book was ALWAYS named Berestain and for some silly reason, the cartoon website spelled it wrong both for the page name and for the title and later discovered they had made a mistake.
  2. The book actually did change and the title was changed to reflect the book change.

You can pick which you want to believe but there are MANY people that remember it as BerestEin.

Here’s a personal anecdote: I was visiting my sister and her daughter mid July of 2016 and showed them this video.  Both of them had some of the books and both remember the name being BerestEin.  After watching the movie we all went to their bookshelf and found one of the books and saw that it was BerestAin.  Both of them assumed that they had remembered it wrong and went back to sleep.  (Though they both lost a nights sleep thinking about it!)

If this were the only example, I would have done the same.  There are MANY and more are being found every day and many have evidences of the change still existing.

I don’t know what this is and I don’t know why it’s happening but I think this is important.  All it takes to make one a believer in the Mandela Effect is one good example that you have a strong personal memory of and the rest of the examples will pull you right in.

Hallmarks of the Mandela Effect:

  • Multiple people remember things as being different (but not everybody).
  • The changes are usually subtle.
  • The effect appears to go back in time – as if the item never had changed but was just remembered differently.
  • Often there are secondary or tertiary references that are not effected by the change. (The referenced video shows many of these)

What causes the Mandela Effect?  Here are the ideas I have heard:

  • CERN is messing with time and causing people to cross parallel universes or is altering our universe somehow.
  • Satan is in his final attacks before the second coming and is screwing with our heads.
  • This is a PsyOp by the US Government with Google helping to mess with our heads and distract us from more important matters.
  • Its not happening at all and you’re crazy to think so.  It’s all a memory trick caused by errors that have always been there but nobody noticed till now.
  • Its not happening.  There are a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists out there believing this stuff and promoting it (like me here).

Whatever the reason, it is trending… and is mostly trending in North America – as if America is the target if this were some PsyOp.


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A possible explanation for the Mandela Effect

If  you haven’t heard of the Mandela Effect, go to youtube and search for some videos on the subject.  You will find a massive set of data points that are inexplicable and trending.  Go ahead, check it out, I’ll just wait here…

If you personally do not have any memories that don’t jive with our present reality (like I do) than you probably might as well stop reading here.

Now I have my desired audience!

Mandela Effect trending

Google Trends on the Mandela Effect

We know from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Placebo Effect that observation and belief effects reality.  We know from such things as faith healing and “The Secret” that people can will changes into reality.

Supposing that the state of all non-living things on earth is controlled by a higher dimension.  Suppose that our actions such as building a house, effect that higher dimension as we take the steps to assemble physical structures, write books, invent things, etc.

Now suppose that Google Search has finally reached sufficient public critical mass that it can significantly effect the beliefs of enough people to alter reality on a mass scale.

Here’s a typical scenario: Google Search makes a change to its search results from “Luke, I am your Father” to  “No, I am your Father” and immediately people searching on star wars stuff begin to observe this change and believe it’s true, cuz of course, “it’s on Google so it must be true”!  This alters the perception of reality of millions of people which alters the higher dimension controlling dead things in this reality and all of a sudden, all the star wars movies change to match the perception!

This is really insufficient to be believable but…

Let’s introduce the spiritual realm here.  I came up with this idea after watching the movie The Forgotten which had Aliens as the explanation for the selective loss of memories characters were having.

To me Aliens is just the PC term for daemons.  So lets suppose that daemons are watching us use search engines all the time.  Lets also suppose that they have a great influence on this higher dimension that controls the physical universe.  They then do an experiment by altering that dimension.  They then see Google begin to reflect the change they made and this propagates the meme into the consciousness of millions of people.  At first of course they would do inconspicuous things so as not to wake up the sheeple – because I think they have plans to ramp this up to create the mass delusion God will allow in the soon-to-come end times.

Because people don’t observe all possible references to the original reality, the daemons can’t update the higher dimension perfectly, at least not instantly.  As more references become observed by people, and thus by the daemons, the higher reality gets updated, just like Google Search does, to reflect a more coherent reality.

But like in the movie “The Forgotten”, some people just will not accept Google’s word for truth and there are these hanger-ons that see something here is wrong.

I believe our long-term memories must be held in an even higher dimension or in the spirit-realm where the daemons can’t touch them.  Thus it is easy for people with strong willed memories to hold onto the true memories of past reality because that part of us is simply stored somewhere else.

To me this all explains these aspects of the Mandela Effect:

  • The fact that a large number, but not everyone, notices something strange is going on.
  • The fact that reality appears to have always been the way it is even though it does not agree with our long-term memories.
  • The fact that discrepancies still exist where one form of reality is shown in one place but corresponding places don’t seem to have been affected yet.
  • The fact that seemingly minor/tiny changes are being made for the most part but these differences seem to be increasing in frequency and magnitude over time.

Without accepting the spiritual reality of demonic activity and biblical prophecy, I find this, or any explanation, to be hard to believe.  This one, to me, is actually rational and believable.

Comments welcome.

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