The true face of Martinez CA

My wife grew up in Martinez CA, a small town east of Oakland in the Bay Area.

Recently an episode of Extreme Makover – Home Edition decided to help a family in Martinez (see article) who’s daughter had Krabbe disease.  Naturally, Martinez assisted the show all they could, expecting national recognition via the show.  Instead, unexpectedly, the show aired and said the family was in Oakland.  Martinez residents were livid.  Why didn’t they mention Martinez?  Because anyone that gets an extreme makover gets visitors from all over the country and this person’s problem was an immune system one.  She didn’t need the visitors.

Its clear that the city of Martinez values advertizing dollars more than the survival of one of its citizens.  The cost to the city may be significant and last for years.  Lets take that to heart – there is probably a good reason why Paul said in 1 Titus 6:10 "The love of money is the root of all evil".

Maybe the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

Interestingly enough, in an earlier eipsode of the same show, I mused at the fact that a home in Kitsap County, WA was able to be permitted and constructed in less than two weeks.  Normally the permit process takes months – but some are more equal than others.  The city of Paulsbo cleared its streets for two days so the train of cement trucks could get to the building site quickly enough to meet the deadline for the show.

If the city is simply being charitable I wonder what would happen if a Church decided to exercise its rights to religous expression by doing a barn-raising of a church or similar structure without consulting the government – after all, there is supposed to be a separation between church and state – its just that the state only seems to like that seperation to work in its favor.


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