The Remodel

So we have been wanting a change for quite awhile.

New home? – no way – I’m not gonna pay 4 times what I got this house for to get another one just like it!

Fix up what I got – cool!

So first we wanted to add about 1500 square feet – a friend of mine years ago suggested it – I wish so much I had taken him up on it cuz now King Kounty is Nuts on permits and rules.  I looked into it a bit and found that where I wanted the addition was over a reserve drainfield – I suppose I could have fought it but bureaucracy drives me nuts so we backed off and thought about it more.

Then one day I was strolling in a mall and found this cabinet place.  I wonder what it would cost to just reface our cabinet doors?  My wife is sick of the style we got 10 years ago.

"Oh no way can’t you just replace the doors, thats not practical, the cost would be astrinomical!" they said.  I had expected to spend maybe around $3000 – they said think more like $15000!

So I mull this around for awhile.  At least these guys will do it all for you – no hassle, just pay the bucks and they will handle everything.  Sounds doable and we finally, after years of trying to decide, will have done something!

So the guy comes over to take a look at our place.  You could use new windows huh?  We could do the expansion for you too – we would take care of all the permits and design.  So all I have to do is pay him $1000 up front and he will do a design for us and then we can see if we want to proceed – seems reasonable – sure I naievely mumble.  Just to keep it simple and cheap lets forget the addition.

So the design is in, new deck, new doors, new windows, add some here, put a bay window there, rearrange this bathroom, fix a few electrical problems, new counter and sink, and a bigger deep sink in the garage.  Simple….

 only $85000!!!

Ok lets back this down, forget the bathroom remodel, just redo the shower in place, forget the bay windows – didn’t need them anyway…

Ok so now its a nice easy $55000.  A little more than the $3000 I have anticipated originally.  Also almost as much as I paid for my condo in 1987!

Well, my wife will hopefully be happy and we will have a nice house for a change (it seems like we never fix things up till we are about to move out).

So here we are.  My wife took two weeks off with the Kids to CA while I sit in this ripped up house wondering when it will get done.

So far they put the wrong doors on the cabinets, got the wrong kind of window for above the front doors, got the wrong kitchen faucet and the main guy is being pulled off to help out on other jobs – lucklily this remodel contract has a time limit – 8 weeks.  Its only been two and I am tired of it already….

But I tell myself – when its done it will really look nice!

Lets hope so.


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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One Response to The Remodel

  1. Paul says:

    Contractors are evil. Plain and simple.-Paul, who\’s sick of dealing with the builder on his new place and just wants to live there already.

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