Sandy almost burns down his ranch!

This morning I was awake at dawn and the thought occurred to me that it was a perfect time to go up to the woods above my favorite pond – island pond – and roast some weenies with my dogs and watch the sunrise.
I chose this spot because it has several years of down wood making it one of my several fire hazards.  I figured if I could start clearing a burn area here and have fires there twice a day I would make a dent in this hazzard I have been wanting to clear out for several years.
Well it was a beautiful morning and things went as planned.  I left the small  fire with a 18 inch radius cleared around it with no flames left and I put some water on the coals and double checked my barrier area before leaving to nap.
That morning when everyone was finally up at 11 a guy on a motor cycle came by and asked us to show him how to get to the fire.  I looked up and lots of white smoke was pouring from the hill above island pond!!!
I rushed up in my truck to help volunteers and the land bureau fire fighters to find the area.  It actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared – i didn’t loose a single tree and all the evil dead wood was now cleared.
It was quite an embarrasment for me though and I doubt my wife will recover from this for awhile.
The fire was under control after several hours and there really wasn’t anything I could do to help but bring them water.  My chainsaw was in the shop, my ATV was in the shop, my water pump was broken and I simply had no tools available to fight such a fire.
Rumor has it my bill will be aroune $8000.  I would like to find a good way to thank all the volunteers that helped as well.  One neighboor had advised me to lie and not claim responsibility for the fire but I don’t see that as right at all, whatever the cost, it was my fault and I should fess up to it.
I am now infamously popular around here and everyone knows where they can come find free firewood now.

About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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