Truck fire in SF CA

Ok, so when 911 happened I thought it was explosives from the moment I saw it – and I said nothing.  Not for years till thousands of 911 conspiracy websites and videos of the details made me want to try to convince others that this was a major snow-job.
Well it happened again.  But this time I am blogging it right now so I can prove that I saw through this one too.
This does not add up.
For details, search on "SF truck fire".  I found this site among others which has several good pictures: I’ve attached one of the better pictures for reference.
Now this says that the truck had 8000 gallons of gasoline and it caught on fire after the truck hit a pilon at 3:41AM.  The fire fighters arrived at 3:55AM and the highway above the fire collapsed at 4:02AM.  This gives 21 minutes to heat the upper structure sufficiently to cause the steel to fail and bend like putty.
So I googled on "melting point of asphalt" and I got to which says that Hot asphalt for pouring is 300 degrees Ferenheit.
I next googled on "melting point of steel" and I got to which says that steel often melts at 2500 degrees Ferenheit. 
I next googled on "temperature of burning gasoline" which led me to which indicates that the flame temperature of unleaded gasoline is 2030C. (3686 degrees Ferenheit.)
So it certainly is possible for the gas fire of the truck to melt the steel above it – but can that be done in only 21 minutes and can that be done withtout fully melting the asphalt on top of the steel?  Maybe it could but I don’t think so.  Note in the picture that not even the painted lane lines are gone yet – not melted, yet the large steel gurders are mush.   Until 911, no steel structure had ever come down due to fire not even fires that burned for days.  Gasoline burns hot, I am amazed it didn’t explode, but I am still amazed that it could impart enough heat to the steel to cause failure in only 21 minutes.
What is more interesting to me is that the governator declared a state-wide emergency (though no one was killed) and a day of free mass transit across the state.  As if this failure of three lanes of traffic constitutes a statewide emergency.  Also, all the "red tape" was bypassed to get the mess cleaned up ASAP.  Is someone trying to hide evidence like what happened with the OKC and 911 rubble?
So here’s what I think:
I think this is a public-consiousness-data-point to help reenforce the myth that 911 was a terrorist job by a few wack jobs and the towers both fell at free-fall velocity due to fire alone.
I think we will see all the rubble quickly moved beyond access to people that question the official story.
I BET that myth-busters can’t make this happen in a test – and I am sending a link to this blog to them as soon as I am done
I certainly could be wrong, but from my warped perspective, I smell a rat here.

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