HHO Wow Cool!

A couple of weeks ago I met a guy at a BBQ that told me about this water-car.  I have heard of several cars running on water but he said this was on FOX News and CNN – this I had to see.
So I checked out the YouTube link here: HHO Video 
The initial application was welding but then he applied it to the automobile and got instant fame.
I certainly hope he succeeds – what an invention!
HHO apparently has the following characterists:
  • A Gas with the molecular form of water – it’s not steam.
  • Burns at the melting point of whatever it is in contact with.
  • Does not make the nozzle cold – ie it violates the PVT law for gasses.
  • When combusted, it returns to water.

My guess is that his special method of electrolsys isn’t really electrolsys at all.  I suspect he adds vibrational energy to the water molicule to the point that it assumes a gaseus form.  I theorize that the H and O atoms are so loosely coupled that when it combusts the O combeins with the fuel and the Hs then immediately recombine with the O to form good old water.  The energy released is the sum of the vibrational energy added and the combustion of the fuel that the O combined with.  The PVT violation has to be caused by the loose but existant coupling between the Hs and the O.  But of course that is just a goofy guess.

I contacted the company that makes this but they are apparently quite swamped.

If something as revolutionary as this doesn’t make it to market – well, you know something fishy is going on for sure.

I picked up on this naturally because it ties in closely with my vibe machine.


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