The Deck of death

So I took some time off work – like I quite for awhile – to decompress and recalibrate my view of the world.
I decided that our deck was in bad shape and needed resurfacing.  Clue: pets will destroy your house eventually!
So I don’t want to do this ever again so I decided after much thought for many months to go with Tiger Deck and Brazilian Redwood producing my own version of the cistine (or would that be cistern?) chapel.
Anyway after months of messing around its starting to come together and I’m a bit excited so I am adding some shots of what I have so far.
I will definitely have to have a party when this is done.
RJ came over to help and here is where we are now:

The plan is to make a movie of this and post it here when I am done.

Interestingly, working on this deck has revealed the imense usefulness of a pair of headphones I bought several months ago for my daughter.
When I saw this I thought it was just a regular analog headphone:
But when I opened the package it had a USB cable – what the?
So I plug it in and start playing media player and expect the output to be in the headphones – no dice.
Then, bing, up opens up a folder – Its an MP3 player!  How cool!  What a crazy great idea!
Needless to say I love this thing for walking the dog or whenever I am outside.
So now that I have been spending most of my day working on the deck I have put these on and enjoyed my music.
Lately I have been getting into podcasts – they have lots of content that is interesting.  I have MP3 players in all my cars now so when I drive to the ranch (an 8 hour drive!) I load up a CD with 8 hours of podcasts in just a few minutes and I am set with interesting stuff all the way there!
So I got hooked recently into and especially a podshow by an interesting guy named Adam Curry.   There is so much out there!  I usually have no time for such programming but with this headphone and my MP3 players in my cars now its not hard to fill my travel and outside time with good stuff – and no comercials!
BTW some bad news. is down – possibly permanently!  This site is nothing but a collection of links to video content organized for easy lookup.  Its nothing but a service to help you find content – but a lot of that content just happens to be violating copyright laws (but a lot is I am sure legit).  Anyway the guy that runs this got hauled off to jail and is awaiting trial now (I love the guilty till proven innocent angle here.  They shut down his site FIRST then figure out if he’s guilty!  Thats freedom for ya).  It totally bums me because I have passed on links to friends from this site of some very educational and cool stuff collected here.  Now all those links are bad. 
I don’t know who this guy is but I hope he can somehow sue the jerks that shut him down without a trial.
Later dude.

About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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