Papa’s Stroke

On my birthday my father-in-law had a stroke.  He was reaching for something on the shelf at the drugstore and blacked out.
Up until this time, Papa was totally independent, retired with a good bankroll from investments, spending time with his girlfriend Dorothy and planning to come up to our house for Christmas.
Initially, a brain scan revealed a damaged area on the right side of his brain the size of a silver dollar.  He was weak on his left side but he seemed to be getting stronger.
Then, over the next week or so, he got very sleepy and apparently the stroke continued on.  Scans revealed that both of his carotid arteries were plugged, 100/90%!  It also showed that now the entire right side of his brain was damaged.
Papa lost the use of his entire left side of his body.

He has been shuffling between rehab and the hospital, mainly because he has been running fevers which is apparently common for stroke patients soon after the stroke.
The rest of the family went down to visit papa for Christmas – it was a very hard Christmas for us.
God is sovreign.  Papa had never been sick a day in his life, so said his son we met there while visting him.
It is amazing how quickly this fragile life can leave us.  Only by the will of God are we preserved each day from the myriad calamities that could befall us at anytime.
After about 3 weeks, papa is now eating!  This is great news – no tube down the throat anymore hopefully!  He has been moved to another nursing home where he will continue to have therapy to evaluate him for whether or not aggressive PT is in order.
This all has caused me to think again about all the research I have been doing since my mother’s death in 1985 into alternative medicine.
I know from this history that stroke, cancer and a host of other ailments can be treated much better than they are being treated in the US.
It’s sad to me that Papa, a pharmacist who follows the rules, did not have his arterial blockage found earlier – and worse yet, is not even being addressed for it now!  His brain is slowly suffocating from a lack of blood/oxygen but this doesn’t seem to be important to the doctors.  It’s probably important but the treatments they would use (surgery) are too invasive for him in this state.  But I happen to know from my experience with my dad that this can be fixed by diet alone!  (not instantly mind you) My father for years took Lecithin to prevent clogging up of his arteries.  When he was in his 70s, my dad needed a heart operation to fix a valve that had been bad since birth and was now giving him enough trouble to justify surgery.  After that surgery, the heart doctor said that he had never seen arteries so clear in anyone.  He said my dad’s arteries were as clear as any 18 year olds!  But papa doesn’t even get lecithin in his tube fed food – its just not known to the doctors.
The doctors did a special treatment for papa called TPA which introduces a super blood thinner into papa to prevent further clots from forming.  This is so dangerous that it needs to be done under ICU care because papa could bleed out easily.
Not only did this not really do anything, I think a more logical treatment for stroke patients is what Germany has been using for years – a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to super-oxygenate the blood and brain.  This is less risky and tends to help heal all kinds of problems. 
For more wierd health stuff of mine see my other blog.
Philosphically, as I have been reading Calvin’s Institutes, I have been battling in my mind with the proper place for me to put such knowledge.  Is it really my place to be bucking the experts and giving this advice or not?  More on that in another blog!

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