911 – a video from the perspective of the heroes

This message is a copy of one I recently emailed to several friends.
This was a very hard video to watch for me and its hard to pass onto people that might call me a nut (again) for doing so.
From day 1 – yes from the instant I saw the towers fall on TV that day, I knew this was a demolition job.  I knew it was what is known as a "false flag" operation – an event used in psychological warfare to confuse the public about who the real enemy is.  I told some of you this soon after that day because my conscience simply demanded I say something and as I have been prompted by my conscience I have sent you more from time to time.
Over the years the web has become the conduit for thousands of people with questions about 911 to ask each other what they saw, what they knew, and what could be done to dig through the media and government smokescreens to learn the truth about what actually caused and happened on 9/11/2001.  The web allowed those without a face to learn that there were others out there, just like them, that had the same questions.
This interaction has resulted in thousands of websites and videos and articles and blogs and photos and documents published to the web from all over the world to try to piece together the truth about this event.  It is so large now that the term "Conspiracy Theory" is probably one of the most used phrases on earth these days.
The mainstream media has ignored this and labeled anyone who dares question the official story as a "911 conspiracy nut" but the idea will not die.
Poles clearly show that though we certainly don’t know exactly what happened, many many of us still have a persistent and nagging feeling that we certainly do not know the truth about this event and we know, deep inside, that this means something very scary may be in store for all of us. 
We know we don’t have the truth and we know that the truth is what makes us free. 
We want to be free – but can we handle the truth? 
If we can’t handle the truth – can we be free?
This video documents, in a rather crude and simple way, the undying determination of a relative few who are trying to break through the barriers in the media, the government, and in our own minds, that are in the way of the truth about this event and the subsequent justice needed to correct this horrible wrong.  If they are all just nuts – why do they take the scorn, the danger, and pay the cost to persist in this?  Why are they threatened with jail or beatings instead of simply corrected by evidence or testimony that would answer their questions?  Why can’t we get a decent investigation into this whole mess and get it behind us?  Is this world really full of masochistic lunatics that have nothing better to do than to shout out what people don’t want to hear at their own expense?
Remember: The apostles sounded just as nuts when they started the Church.  "Yea sure dude, this guy rose from the dead – lunatic!"  Radical truth takes time to sink in.
I believe the 911 truth story is a very big part of the fight for the soul of America. 
It cannot be detached from our worship of God for He is a God of Truth and His love drives our hearts to seek Him regardless of the cost.
The fight must be fought and will be painful for all parties involved – its like what our immune system does for us every day – goes to war for us.  Young adults and dying heroes for some inexplicable reason are abandoning normal life to get this information to as many people as possible.  They feel it important enough to literally sacrifice their lives each day to achieve this goal.
So I thought it was important enough to pass it on to you.
If you’re not already "911ed out", please take the time to see this when you can and think about why these people are going to such lengths to get this message to you and me.  And if you feel you are out of touch with what this is about, just google "911 truth" and get ready to read a library of information.   
If you lack the bandwidth to view this directly, you can read a little about it and purchase it from here.

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