A review of Zeitgeist Addendum

Zeitgeist Addendum presents the viewer with lots of shocking and frank information about our current money system.  It shows how this system uses economic hit men, Jackals and ultimately the US military to force nations to surrender their resources to the multinational corporations.  It talks a bit about how all governments use money, profit and competition to drive humans to work and presents the idea that this system is evil and doesn’t work.
so far so good…
Then they use the idea of this greedy, money driven system to make this totally unsupported assertion:
"People are not by nature greedy – the system makes them this way."
This is right out of the mouth of Marx.  Marxian theory states that people’s actions are controlled by their environment and controlling the money and means of production allows the state to create the proper environment to produce the utopian "dictatorship of the proletariat".
The movie gives absolutely ZERO reasons why this assertion should be true – and it is patently false.  Human’s, by nature, are sinful.  Don’t believe me?  Just watch two 2 year-olds playing together.  Throw a toy between them and count the seconds before each is yelling "mine"!  The idea that humans are not naturally greedy, it’s the system that makes them so, is absolute nonsense.  It was humans that made this system – ie: the evil of the system came from people – where else could it have come from?
With this errant assertion the movie takes the viewer down the utopian path to self destruction.  It explores the "Venus" project which asserts that with sufficient technology, abundance can destroy the need for money and greed.  This assertion is also patently false.  Abundance does not avert greed – how many of the bad guys we are trying to dethrone (and throughout history) were born with a silver spoon in their mouths with every need and desire fulfilled instantly?
The assertion that abundance averts greed nullifies the very true maxim "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
Then the movie goes on to call work a curse.  Work is a blessing – it existed in Eden before the fall.  Work gives people purpose.  A workplace without people is lonely and ultimately results in low productivity of the worker.  People are creatures of relationship.  They do best working and living in community.  This is why the assertion that machines will keep replacing people till there is no more work is false – people need work and purpose.  Eternal leisure without purpose would drive people mad with sadness.  As problems are solved by technology there will always appear new problems to conquer and people will enjoy working on those problems to give themselves purpose in life.  It is when evil men force monopolies on the rest and suppress the paradigm shifts we were meant to have that purpose is driven out of work and despair of work results.
The movie then describes us as "emergent" which is another name for "evolving".  Evolution is a notion that has no supporting evidence either in inorganic or organic evolution.  It is not repeatable or observed anywhere.  Even social evolution lacks supporting evidence in the light of history which constantly repeats itself.  The only advancements that we have apparently made over time are with technology – but still, there exist ancient structures and artifacts that imply that our technology many very well not be the most advanced in history and thus may debunk even that notion.  Evolution is not science it is a religion because it requires unsubstantiated faith to believe.
From this unsubstantiated "faith" in emergence comes our "jump" to a new creature and society also based on faith.
It then specifically attacks "religion" and specifically Christianity and all its derivatives  It brings up the arguments presented in the original Zeitgeist that many other religions have a "savior" that was "crucified", resurrected etc.  These "facts" are strongly refuted by the Zeitgeist Debunked movie.  Note that these movies don’t have bibliographies so you can’t check their facts easily and if the authors lie about one aspect of the movie – can the rest have much credibility?
The movie also asserts the oversimplified idea that "all religions" are bad.
All religions ARE BAD IF:
 – they are invented by man
 – they attempt to reach God or perfection by the works or standards of man
 – they propagate themselves over truth, justice and love which describe the nature of the true God.
This is because if God be God, there is no way man does anything to reach God – the creature is never greater than the creator.
The only "religion" that differs from all the others is true Christianity.
Christianity has a bad rap largely because of institutions (Created by Man) that use true Christianity as their mask for their own agendas.  Examples include the Catholic Church, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Cults, and just about any denomination that claims anything of its rules supersedes the word or spirit of God.
True Christianity is different from man-made religions because:
– It has historical evidence as far back as you can go that supports scripture.
– It has a historical figure and event – the resurrection – that irrefutably testifies of itself conquering death.
– The scripture contains prophecy and hidden codes to confirm its authenticity and accuracy and supernatural origin.
– It asserts that all other religions are wrong.
– It presents a clear moral code that no man can meet, yet all men instinctively know is righteous – the code is in our hearts.
– Its doctrines present a God that is incomprehensible to man – both One and Three in nature, outside time and creation, infinite in power, understanding, mercy, and perfect in every way and NOT like us (though we were made in His image).
– It’s scripture exceeds all rational attempts at full explanation yet yields to rational scrutiny in its self-consistency and testifies to it’s truth by blessing all peoples and nations that adopt its ideas into its society.
The problem is not money or the system.  The problem is dishonest money and sinful people.  If we had honest money and a truly righteous moral standard kept by all people, the elite and corporations could not hold onto their monopolies of resources.  Humans, when motivated to do honest work, change the rules of the game of competition by creating paradigm shifts making today’s rich, tomorrow’s history.
To get to this true utopia, all men must surrender their pride to the rule of God.  They must acknowledge their fundamental need for God to live and then live accordingly, submitting all things to the rule of God – who is Truth, Love, and Faithfulness.  We must acknowledge and repent of our sins.
Without this surrender man can not live without the state, without money, without competition, without sin, without death.
This movie is inventing a religion based on the concepts of evolution and marxian materialism.  Any system which says it will "provide for everyone and everyone will  be free" is self contradictory.  A free man is free because he can provide for himself and chose to be wrong and suffer the consequences – the proposed system of this movie does not allow that.
Further, if you analyze the tenants of the faith being peddled by this movie you will find it to be fully Gnostic in its ideas – it is not new.
Finally it ends with the very lie Satan used against Eve – "You are everything"  – you shall be as God.
This is candy coated poison of the worst kind and is sweeping our world as the new false religion of the beast and anti-christ are rapidly being foisted onto this generation of self deception – a lie so well told that it "might even fool the very elect of God".

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One Response to A review of Zeitgeist Addendum

  1. Jonathan says:

    Pretty good stuff. I think it would be a good thing to research this a bit more in depth. The structure is just about there, just needs a little organization and filling out, but you\’ve done most of the work. Throw in some citations from Marx and Scripture and some philosophers, and you could have a pretty solid paper here. Something I\’ve learned at school is that the Ethos of others, applied to your own paper lends mind-blowing strength (cuz really, you alone, indeed anyone alone, has far from enough ethos to credibly comment on things of this broad a topic). Only a few minor things I might take issue with (like the evolution of society. I think humankind is definitely progressing technologically, philosophically, and the church specifically is progressing in becoming closer to God), but for the most part good. Except I haven\’t seen Zeitgeist so I really don\’t know what you\’re talking about haha.

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