My rant to Christians that don’t want to participate in secular moral duties.

If you read the article linked to, it says that the job of the Grand Jury is to dispassionately apply the basic law of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to areas they investigate.  These two documents are among the most Christian in character of any secular documents in history.  This is not about political parties or witch hunts.
The National Grand Jury is an attempt to implement the suggestion of the Pennsylvania Minority Report (see the Anti-Federalist Papers or my first few podcasts at for details) that there is a weakness in the constitution in that it leaves no party in charge of interpreting the cage that holds the government in check.
Government’s biblical mandate from Romans 13 is to punish evil and protect the weak.
Paul did not make it clear if we are or are not to respect an authority that is not doing this.  However, based on Jesus wise statement to "Render unto Cesar the things that are his and unto God the things that are His", it would appear that we should avoid conflict as much as possible and do our best to honor both authorities.
Peter did however clarify that we should follow God over Man.
Peter violated the authorities in continuing to preach the gospel though banned from doing so – choosing eventual death over conforming to the unlawful mandates of the secular authorities.
It does not, to me, appear to fit the spirit of love, to do nothing, especially when it is easily within our power, to attempt to hold our authorities to biblical standards they themselves are under oath before God to uphold.  This is not unlike simple church discipline, which is such a difficult task that most of our elders fail to take up the job when it is necessary.
If you are spending 100% of your time feeding the poor, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, praying, and reading the bible, then I would naturally assume you are excused from further duties.  However, preserving lawful order tends to support the poor, the sick, the gospel, praying and bible reading, so I don’t see a contradiction between doing non-violent justice within the secular realm and other moral duties. 
Jesus charged the Pharisees of doing one thing and neglecting the weightier parts of the law – we should not ourselves fall into this trap. 
Our founding fathers took on the difficult and costly mantle of giving us a republic which has resulted in more benefits to Christians and all of us on this planet that could be imagined – regardless of the fact that this history was preordained by God.  This unselfish act of love by these Christian men, which cost them their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, would be honored well if we were to simply be vigilant enough to preserve that most unique and moral government in the history of mankind so far as we can without compromising our other moral duties.  Failing to do so reduces our nation to an immoral tyranny unable to claim any merit before God for His continued mercy and indeed invites judgment upon our nation and our people – that is ourselves and the families and brothers we are charged to protect and provide for.  Failing to do so, when doing so is easy and moral, would seem to me to be a subject to be brought up at our judgment before Christ on the last day.
I pray that your crowns will be many on that day!
…. in response to the below …
Subject: RE: A simple way you can do something to stop this mess.

Brother Sandy,

Greetings in the name of Jesus. 

Two questions to ponder before the Lord.

1)      Would a group of professing Christians try to hold accountable Republicans who are members of the Order of the Skull & Bones are would they only go after “liberals”? 

2)      What does the New Testament say our priorities should be? And if we are fully devoted to those priorities, is there really time to try to clean up the world system?

Thanks for including me on this mailing. 

… in response to this email I sent out… 


Check this out.

A National Grand Jury is being called to investigate and issue indictments on the Federal Government and their officers!

This is what free men should be doing all the time to keep corruption at bay.  It’s how we "Do Justice" as citizens.  It’s part of the responsibility that comes with freedom.

Sign up now and "Do Justice" – may God grant us repentance from our irresponsibleness in the past. 


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One Response to My rant to Christians that don’t want to participate in secular moral duties.

  1. Sanford says:

    Looks like the link has been taken down.As to the question:Would a group of professing Christians try to hold accountable Republicans who are members of the Order of the Skull & Bones are would they only go after “liberals”? Holding accuntable members of other groups is not what I am advocating. Holding accountable elected members of government that are accountable to US are who we should be holding accountable. Do you see the difference? We act as if government officials are just another disinterested party – but in fact, by law, they must be bonded to the people to do their jobs – they ARE accountable to us – but we must hold them to that accountability. This has nothing to do with what party they belong to. Are they obeying their oaths of office? Are they telling the truth? Are they stealing money from the public? etc.

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