Free Energy Convention

So last weekend I went to a free energy convention.  No the convention wasn’t free – but the energy was! You can hear what I recorded.  It was announcing the “Tesla Switch” which is a power amplifier for solar panels.
Really its about a lot more than that.  This conference was really all about the works of one man:

John Bedini

John reminds me of my old Nuke EM chief Gene Rhine in the Navy.  If you talk to John you know he’s a genius but trying to get a complete answer out of him is difficult.  This is because, like Gene, he is a humble genius and since you formed the question, you must fully understand already all aspects of your question and thus all you need for an answer are the key components.  People who want to hear him talk or fully explain a theory or whatever will find him inconveniently terse and sometimes cryptic to the uneducated.   It’s just not the way he thinks.  And if he discovers you don’t know what you’re talking about, well he is likely to move on to someone more worth his time.  So if you are going to talk to John for any length of time, make sure you are up on your reading of whatever subject you will be discussing!

The conference had about 50 attendees


These were pretty sharp guys who span a wide range of experience and knowledge from all over the world.  Theorists, organic farmers, intuitives, garage hackers, HHO fans, authors, astrologers, inventors, tinkerers, and even some curious locals.

Two members of the delegation seemed to be screening us to see if any plants were present from our friends the USG.  My friend Larry (whom I brought spontaneously without pre-approval) was a prime suspect. 

Owen Mullen

The evening before the conference we had a real nice get-to-gether where Owen introduced all of us to each other and let the ideas fly.  See my recording for details.

Besides the really interesting people I got to meet, I also got to see the inventions first hand! 

3 pole – Monopole Motor

You have to understand that these motors are special.  This monopole motor is a kit, which I purchased at the conference.  All of these motors take a primary battery which supplies the energy to run the motor, and a secondary load battery bank which receives the output of energy which is released from the vacuum by the motor.  Basically, according to Tom Beardon, the presence of a rapidly expanding and contracting dipole acts as a kind of energy pump that pulls energy from the vacuum into our dimension.  This energy is in the form of radiant energy or negative electricity.  This form of energy is readily absorbed by batteries via a chemical and possibly nuclear reaction.  Their energy travels along wires and surrounding space but does not at all behave like normal electricity.  Of particular note, this energy tends to cool the conductors though which it moves and can exhibit anti-gravity effects, resonate randomly with other things and in general is very non-linear in nature – making the building of motors with consistent results a difficult task. 

Thus all these motors end up providing more energy than is required to run them.

Should I say that again?

Thus all these motors end up providing more energy than is required to run them!

When I get the kit and put this baby together – I’ll let you know how it goes.

10 pole Monopole Motor

This baby is the 3 pole’s bigger brother.  Same bat wierdness, but bigger and more!  There is a famous you tube video showing this off here.  They had a 30 pole motor as well but apparently it wasn’t working.

Electric Car

Nothin special – it’s just that you can use their motors to charge the batteries so if you can manage to get a motor into your car – well, there you have it.

Window Motor

The window motor wasn’t spoken about much or explained but I am sure it’s on the web somewhere.  Maybe its on one of Bedini’s DVDs.  It’s a different design of the same concept but one that focuses on getting torque out of the motor instead of efficient battery charging.  This particular one wasn’t very impressive because it went pretty slow. But wait!  Theres MORE!

Bing Honkin Window Motor

This baby is impressive!  100 HP and it still charges batteries faster than it uses them!  I personally tried to slow it down with my hand – and burned it from the friction!  Several guys put their foot on it – no way stoppin it!  Now put on your johnny inventor hat – is there anyplace you might find a use for a motor with high torque and speed that puts out more power than it consumes?  Uh… I can think of a few places!

Tesla Switch

Outside they demonstrated the tesla switch which was the product the convention was all about.  This is a Bedini amplifier that lets you improve the efficiency of your solar panels by up to 2x.  That means you get up to 2x the power output that you normally get.  Plus, this product uses the same great radiant energy to charge your solar batteries – increasing their life and capacity with time.  Can you see a use for a solar system that doesn’t need new batteries every 5 years?

I don’t think I explained this.  When radiant energy is used to charge a battery, the battery seems to improve itself.  The plate lattice structure becomes more and more porous and efficient and battery acid is restored – its like watching the battery go back in time.  But this not only restores old batteries, it can increase their capacity beyond new levels!  Pretty wacky, but I am convinced its true.

What I wish I could get is a tesla switch that could bypass excess energy.  My current panel situation reverses the meter at peak hours but not otherwise.  If I could just boost the off-times, I would build my system to something I could stay off grid with without generating excess energy at peak hours that I have to dump into the grid.  New systems can use half the panels with the tesla switch but existing systems will have problems dumping the excess energy or will have to not use all their panels. 

 I think these guys could also benefit their customers by developing some kind of smooth DC Bus Transfer Switch that could be remotely controlled.  This would allow switching batteries automatically without having to turn off the system.  Then all you need are two battery banks and use this ABT to swap batteries from loads vs charging and you never need the grid again!

At the conference there were lots of products available from Renaissance Charge LLC.  I bought the RC-1AU which is a universal battery charger using Bedini technology.  As soon as I got it home I started restoring my old drill batteries – you know the ones that cost as much as a new drill (because they know they have you).  Well they charged up nice.  I ran them down but didn’t take any measurements so I can’t say yet how much they improved the batteries but it took an HOUR of continuous running of my drill to drain one of the batteries that beforehand was near useless – so that’s pretty good for one charge.  BTW while charging the batteries I noticed they were getting cool!  Yup – that’s radiant energy happenin!  This aint no ordinary charger!

Some of their chargers actually cycle the battery automatically for you till it is optimal – they cost more but if you were to, say, go into a business refurbishing junk batteries and selling them – this would pay for itself pretty quick!

Tom Chiles

Tom is a user of Bedini’s stuff.  He runs a kiddy carnival ride that uses batteries extensively.  He has used several of the Bedini inventions to charge and restore his batteries – great practical testimonial and Tom does a great job of explaining the technology to newbies like me.

Rick Friedrich

Rick is a good friend of the Bedini brothers and a tinkerer who has reproduced much of John Bedini’s work.  Rick, however, was not a good speaker that day.  He had some notes that I believe Owen wrote for him.  He was never introduced and never introduced himself – I had to ask him for his name.  He is quite philosophical and probably a Christian brother.  He took the steps to bring Bedini’s ideas to market and for that alone we are all greatly in debt to him.  Rick was quite disorganized in his presentation.  Though he brought Product with him to sell, he brought no Bedini books to sell – what a bummer – I wanted to buy one and get it autographed!

I am sure Rick is a genius and a nice guy, however I didn’t learn much from his talk.

Gary Bedini

Gary seems to be looking out for John’s best interests and helps run the company.  I didn’t get to spend much time with him but he seems a lot like his brother.  Apparently they were going to promote the stock but Gary thought better of it and removed that part from the conference.  Considering Martha Stewart’s problems buying solicited stock, probably a good idea!

The lodge was gorgeous and I would stay there anytime!  The food was great, the prices (off season) were very reasonable, the beds are HUGE and the service was great!

All in all, it was a great conference because of great people there and of course the amazing inventions.  It was certainly well worth my time and money!



About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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22 Responses to Free Energy Convention

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks – I searched for a review of the conference. I really wanted to go. I would like to build a business around the solar chargers. I live in AZ. Please contact me to share notes. I have been following John\’s work for a long time. I am glad he has something coming to market. I have some of the DVDs and the Thomas Bearden books. I worked for Intel for 21 years . I now work for another company as an engineer. Here is what I want to know: Do I need a dual battery array to use the solar charger? Is it possible to use a small current source in place of the solar panels? Is there an example setup for low and one for high power implimentations?Can I retrofit the solar charger into an existing system without a battery array?

  2. Sterling says:

    Nice job on the review. Entertaining and informative. I\’m going to link to it from our news today at http://FreeEnergyNews.comLet me know if you post other blog posts that you think might be of interest to our audience.

  3. Mehmet says:

    Hi there, friend of mine from FL send me the link to see this page. Well done brother, nice presentation of your experience. Here is the link for the"window motor" you wondered if there is any information online. I like this motor too, self powered plus charges the capacitor, imagine making this motor 10 times bigger?Guys you got to see this: Very recently guy from Turkey by the name of "Muammer Yildiz" demonstrated very impressive permanent magnet powered motor you can see it on the site that I maintain. ( I am not the Randy, that you\’ll see on the website, he is good friend of mine. I did a favor for creating this site for him, he has such a deep passion for these technologies.)Here is the site, link Anyway, I am looking into reproducing this magnetic motor on this same link you can download his patents which are written in German. If you are interested in this project feel free to get in touch with me at Thanks.

  4. Marcus says:

    Hi there! great report, thanks very much!!but I am a bit curious if the 100 HP Bing Honkin Window Motor really has 100 horsepower, since this would equal almost 75 kilowatts, 75000 watts!well, since I experimented for some YEARS now with this type of circuit and motor, I know that there can be really BIG POWER pulses, but usually they occur for only a short time… peak power, but no steady since you have witnessed the motor with your own eyes and even tested it yourself, you can say that you were not able to stop it nor to slow it down… also the same is true for the persons which tried to stop it with their feets.. so there must be sure much power… but you must not forget the flywheel-effect, even from my small 12V, 0.5A (6 Watts!) I was only hardly able to slow it down and stop it… (but compared to ordinary motors, it did not feel like 6 watts of power, more like 50 to 100 watts..)so the question is obvisious: where did you get that horsepower-rating from? by pure guess, by telling or did you see any meters on the device?I can not belive that these small batteries and these small cables and these small circuit can handle the power of 75000watts, even if the motor could..also can you estimate how big the winding was and what gauge wire? unfortunately one\’ can not see that in you greets from germany,Marcus Wagner

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  7. sanfords says:

    CC-HOD = Carbon Catalyst Hydrogen On Demand

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    • sanfords says:

      My Cinsre AppOlgoys! I am a terrible speller and I forget to check blogs because I am used to word which does it as I go. I will take a look at some of the more recent ones and try to clean them up.

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    • sanfords says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I generally approve all comments of any constructive nature so please don’t think I removed your long comment. Maybe WordPress has a limit?
      No tips I can think of, I just enjoy having an outlet for my ideas and I enjoy describing my thoughts which actually helps me to think more carefully about what my ideas are.

  13. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in
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    You have done a wonderful job!

  14. Albertha says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about,
    why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you
    could be giving us something informative to read?

    • sanfords says:

      Thanks! I try to be intelligent.
      Back when I attended this seminar I had $ to burn. Not so now. The price of these keeps going up and I have been disappointed too many times, both by the seminars themselves and by Rick Fredrich’s random style of customer service for his chargers. Back when I started learning about this stuff I was so excited that I was ready to work for Rick and John full-time for free if they wanted me – but they never really trusted me. I was too eager to help and they saw me as a plant. I can’t blame them for this thinking – I would be pretty paranoid myself it I were in their shoes. Now I really can’t do much for them. If I do ever attend another seminar I certainly will blog it.
      Also, it has been a loooong time since the Bedini technology appeared and I still don’t see evidence of any reliable kit or product that works as advertised. (Let me know if you have!)
      Radiant energy is a tough beast to tame. I was charging a battery one time and sparks just started pouring out of one of the terminals for no apparent reason. I had the unit sent in for repairs (the third time I might add) and it took 9 months to get it back. Needless to say, I couldn’t run a business using that rejuvenator.

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