My review of: The Renaissance Workshop/Conference of 11-2010

I just now arrived back from a weekend in Coeur d’Alene Idaho at a Free Energy conference sponsored by Renaissance Charge, a company controlled by John Bedini and Rick Friedrich. (Bedini also has a personal website here.) 
There is so much to say about this conference both good and bad.
This one cost much more than the previous and was much larger than the one last year in Sand Point. (see my review of that one here.)  But because this one included a free mono-pole motor kit

for us to build, I imagine the profit to Renaissance was less per person than the last one so the price was quite fair.
I was anticipating a great workshop that would help me really understand this monopole motor in detail.  I had bought a kit at the previous conference but had not yet taken the time to assemble it.  Having experts help me with it should be of great benefit.
Plus I knew I would be listening to the giants of the field, John Bedini and Peter Lindeman among others.
I also knew I would meet many interesting people there.  The followers of these ideas are just as interesting and amazing as the leaders.
My arrival early at 7:30 AM on Saturday November 13th, 2010 at the beautiful Coeur D’Alene Resort found me greeted by a mob of people lined up to register for the event.  Registration was a single-file line to one person with a list of names and a stack of paper stick-on name tags and another stack of wavers.  It took over an hour to get everybody signed in and kits were not being handed out at the registration – they would be done later.  It turns out that the team was deprived of internet access for some reason and the kits were missing some key parts (magnets) so were not ready to be handed out yet.
The wavers had us promising not to bring in any electronic devices to record audio or visual aspects of the conference (thus I do not have any mp3s and very few pictures here to show you).   I totally respect them keeping secrets and restricting people but I think this is counter productive to their purpose.  There was nothing there that I didn’t already know about and John’s surprise giant monopole motor was just that – another monopole motor.  Nothing really new.  Had I been able to even just record the conversation at my table, I would have had much more interesting stuff to share with you now.
The waver also included a promise that we wouldn’t sue Renaissance for any injuries due to the machines being demoed.  I think this was totally in line considering the voltages and radiant spikes running around the stage area.
To complicate things, the conference was limited to 250 attendees but about 330 showed up at the door and were let in anyway!  This was both good and bad.  Rick was strapped pulling this all together.  Letting in the latecomers over the planned size limit I think was a mistake – it certainly felt unfair to me, a prepaid guest – but how can you turn away paying guests? 
This long wait finally resulted in me taking a seat at a table near the middle of the hall and a kick-off speech by Rick Friedrich about his company and what we would be doing.  This was followed by a lecture by Gordy Ormeher who built several electric cars and Rick’s unveiling of an electric car Gordy made for him that was dedicated to his father. 

Rick rode in on a small golf-cart
powered by the large window motor shown off at the previous conference.  truly a great demonstration of practical use of a Bedini prototype.  You have to realize, the neat thing about this golf cart is that, with some occasional battery switching, this cart could run forever!
This was followed by a lecture by “bits” who is apparently an active member of the Energetics Forum who developed a Battery Switcher system that would allow the Bedini monopole style chargers to switch the load and source batteries automatically. 
  • Note friends: Many people at the conference were apparently members of this forum.  I have not been a member and I am not even sure the link I gave is the correct forum (This is Peter Lindeman’s Free Energy forum).  So much was unsaid and assumed of the audience.  I clearly was not in the know here. 

This battery switcher was an impressive job done digitally and controlling the connections via relays.  A truly impressive piece of engineering – sufficiently impressive to gain the approval of John Bedini himself.  I got to have lunch with him (bits) but never got his name.  Note that with this switcher, the golf cart can be made to truly run forever with no human intervention.

Another guy named Steve worked with kids in learning centers that were teaching kids how to build the monopole kits.  He claimed that some of the kids had the kits built in only 15 minutes!

This was followed by the “workshop” run by Rick Friedrich himself.  During all the preceding events we all had to go through a second line to get our kits for this workshop.  By this time I was tired as sleeping the first night in a motel is always bad for me. 

Rick managed to lead us step-by-step through the assembly of the rotor portion of the monopole motor. (10 parts)  The kits came with an impressive exploded view of the mechanical parts so putting the rotor assembly together was really quite easy given the diagram – yet that took us collectively about an hour to accomplish.

Rick was exhausted and handled himself much better than I would have done if I were in his place.

After this initial part of the assembly things just began to break down.  People came up to Rick and began asking tons of questions and instead of keeping the entire crowd in mind, Rick just began talking reactively to the mood of those around him, mostly stressing how difficult it is and how important it is to tune the kit correctly to get it working.

The next several hours broke down into us talking amongst ourselves at our respective tables and trying to figure out the kit on our own.  The kits were not complete and there were insufficient tools to build them.  A table was set up with experts employed to build the electronic parts of the kits for us (one per table) since there were only three soldering irons in the house.  Needless to say, the kits were taking considerably more than 15 minutes to assemble and I only saw one working by the end of the day.

After a while of this pandemonium with nothing being accomplished but Rick being surrounded by people and questions, John Bedini snuck in and began to talk to people asking questions at the front but refused to use the microphone.  After awhile, me and my peers at my table were getting pretty disgusted with all of this.  Unless we wanted to push our way to the front, we couldn’t hear a word John was saying.  We had a kit before us with no assembly instructions except for a DVD we couldn’t play and a poorly drawn schematic of a circuit we couldn’t build for lack of tools.  We had quickly managed to guess our way through the basic mechanical assembly of the monopole motor using the exploded diagram but learned nothing in the process.  For much of this time, most people just spun their rotors on the “spinny thingies” as some called them in total boredom.
I finally got so disgusted that I located Gary Bedini and told him to either get John to speak into the mike or kindly return my $250.  This got him in gear and he quickly went up to John, whispered into his ear a few times and – whala – John was on the microphone!  YAY!  I thanked Gary right away for salvaging the event!
John’s talk was mostly his standard cryptic philosophical musings of all things Bedini – most of us were a bit disappointed as we didn’t learn anything new here either – but we could all now hear this genius telling us his stories.  You can hear many of Johns ideas in the very expensive DVD series Energy From The Vacuum
Now don’t get me wrong.  Apparently Bedini is a very hard guy to be able to see and I can’t say how thankful we all were to see him but when Bedini talks he talks in riddles.  He isn’t a teacher and admits he can’t even spell well.  He is a visionary inventor and an eclectic personality.  He reveals his stuff usually incoherently in either disjoint bits and pieces or in mammoth single inventions or drawings with no systematic explanation of them.
So that was the end of the first day.  To be concise here are my nits:
  • Registration took forever due to:
    1. No preprinted name tags.
    2. Single line entry (usually registrations splits the lines alphabetically by last name so the people using the lists has shorter lists and the lines run in parallel)
    3. Too many people admitted to the conference.
  • Kits missing parts (no kits had anything to mount the electronics onto – people used business cards and pieces of plastic from their box lunches for this)
  • Insufficient kits due to over attendance.
  • insufficient tools to assemble the kits.
  • No written instruction on kit assembly or tuning.
  • Video system failure making it impossible for Rick to show us how to assemble the kits with anything but verbal descriptions.
  • Much time wasted waiting in line again to get our kits.
  • No conference schedule was given out or available online – nor anything in writing at all except our wavers.
  • Introductions were lacking like the last conference.  Most names of people I either caught in the discussions or from others who happened to know the people from elsewhere. 

On the good side, the demos worked well and we did get to hear Rick and John and others talk about somewhat interesting stuff.

I knew better stuff was coming so after having dinner out with the guys at our table, I turned in to bed hoping for a good nights sleep and a better day following.

The next day started off slow as we had to re-register to replace our blue paper name tags with red ones – for security purposes of course. (I am getting to really hate that phrase)

More kits were obtained but Rick would have to mail kits to many of the participants.

The first speaker was Jeane Manning,  who, by the way John Bedini introduced her, is his wife.  He stressed that we best listen to her.  Jeane plugged her book and basically discussed its theme – the possibility of a free energy future that will make this a better world.  She was constantly apologizing that she wasn’t technical enough for the group and gave us some overall info we all pretty much already knew.  She invited several people to come up and share their visions for the future.  I only found one link from the notes I took of these guests: Mag Trans Auto but there were several others who jumped up and shared their visions.

Then was what I think was by far the peak of the conferencePeter Lindeman did his second part (part one is on DVD which you can buy now!) of an explanation of the Lockridge Device.  This lecture was technically clear and very sound.  When he was done we had a very clear idea of how the device worked and how we could build an over-unity motor-generator system.  Peter even listed exact parts we might want to get to build it.  It was a little disappointing though to not see it built and working. 

I just can’t stress how different and refreshing Peter’s talk was compared to everything else at the conference.  All I can recommend is that you Buy Peter’s DVD on this topic.

Finally, John Bedini did his big talk.  John mentioned that it was Tom Beardon’s birthday that weekend and passed around a card for us all to sign.

Then John did a bit of a biography of himself ending with the unveiling and explanation of his newest prototype – a 16 coil giant monopole motor:

He showed us things like this:


and spoke of key things like non-linearity and 23 degrees and pointed to the working model and saying “there you have it – right in front of you” and “don’t say I didn’t tell you and show you everything cuz here it is”.

John also discussed this device which he asserted was what Edward Leedskalnin used to construct his Coral Castle.

We all got to walk up to John’s giant monopole device and check it out and Bedini broke the rule and allowed us one picture of the device.

My friends at my table were all a bit disappointed in John (I heard the word ego many times).  He was enjoying the spotlight – kind of a capping off of his life’s work with a tribute to Tom Beardon.  John has successfully managed to get the secret of perpetual systems using the energy of the vacuum out to enough people that hopefully it can never be taken from mankind.  For that he deserves all the groveling and accolades we can give him.  I hope that someone besides John will someday be able to consistently reproduce his works and pass on the ideas to others in less cryptic forms.  I hope he gets someone who can teach and write to work for him and make these mysteries available to all in a comprehensive, cohesive and understandable and unambiguous form.  Of course this technology is new and raw and one should not expect too much this early in its development.

Rick Friedrich has managed to bring to the market devices that let the rest of the world put radiant energy to use and I wish him great success in this great work.  Rick should leave the work of running conferences and workshops to a competent professional.

John Bedini – I love you man, but please realize, you are just a hard guy for me to understand and I’m frustrated.  I hope you find time to write more about your ideas and help us understand how you do what you do.

Overall this conference was a disappointment to me but I think the Peter Lindeman’s talk was definitely worth it.  When I first heard of these guys I wanted to work for them, now I’m not so sure.  Perhaps I will find time to write up a step-by-step guide to building the 3 pole monopole motor kit and give it to them so all of us can get it built easily.

Please comment if you have other perspectives or more to add.  I feel bad for being so negative on this event – let me know your experience!

Other interesting links discovered/mentioned during this conference:



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Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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9 Responses to My review of: The Renaissance Workshop/Conference of 11-2010

  1. Horia Nica says:

    If you ask me to describe the conference in one word: “disappointment”.
    Too bad it did not came with a “money back warranty”. I came all the way from Montreal, Canada, and I got too little for the money and effort spend on this trip.
    As mentioned there was nothing new there that was not already posted on the internet. I must agree that Peter’s presentation was great. But only for that I did not had to travel all the way to Coeur D’Alene as its video presentation will be available to purchase online in a couple of months.
    The positive element during the conference was to meet, talk and exchange ideas with different great peoples that came to that conference from all over the world.

  2. esaruoho says:

    hi, is there any chance you could post larger quality versions of the images on flickr or even email them to me? im trying to put together a renaissance conference photoalbum

    • I made them what I thought was plenty big for the blog. I know their intent was not to let me take any pictures so to be considerate of their desires and simply to save space, I cut my pictures to 1/4th the size for this blog. I have since discarded the originals so I cannot post to you any bigger ones. Sorry.

  3. I would like to know more about Bedini’s talk about Ed Leedskalnin’s wheel, for instance, did he mention how it worked?
    The way we all see that wheel, it is what we all have seen, probably ‘incomplete’ did
    he mention anything about the coils and their location?

  4. slloyd says:

    thanks for your review. i started my OU studies with rick & john on the first monopole pages several years ago now. at that time, i was frustrated with john’s discussion because it seemed cryptic as you say. i continued to listen though, with an open mind as he suggested, because he wasn’t selling anything (at least at the time), was donating his time for free to explain how to build his invention.. so i figured, he must be telling the truth.. it just must be me.
    to make a long story short.. after years of listening to him, reading and experimenting.. it all started to make a lot more sense. i have cut/paste everything he ever posted on the message boards. and now, when i go back and read the notes, i see it much more clearly. but this is because i have enough knowledge that i can read between the lines and connect the dots. so now i see his old posts as not cryptic at all. in fact, i would say his lessons are simple and consistent. that is the amazing part! for 25 years his message has stayed the same without waver..

    so my advice is to do exactly as you did. pay attention to john because he knows what he’s talking about. grumble here & there as you get annoyed.. but pay attention and do as he says.

    thanks for your review of the conference. all the best and safe experimenting!

    • Thanks for this comment slloyd. I do appreciate John’s expertise – it may be that he is just so far ahead of all of us, we need an open mind and time to “catch up”. I have always felt that John could use someone with good communication skills to help him get his message understood more easily. I think its possible for someone like yourself that “gets it” to do a book on the subject to help us get where you are with less blood on our foreheads. 🙂

  5. This review is largely inaccurate of what took place. Many of the criticisms are not true because the reviewer did not pay attention to what actually took place. Yes the Resort failed us because they assumed in that short amount of time we could never get more than 100 people there. 300 paid and somehow another 100 got in free. This will not happen in July. We will have name tags and registration will be done a month in advance. The audio did not fail. Some of the video on the second screen was down for part of the meeting, but never on the main screen. Most of the kits handed out DID HAVE ALL THE PARTS. All table kits being assembled had all the parts, so it was not a problem at all. All instructions were given to this easy-to-assemble kit. Unfortunately the wrong box of soldering irons were brought and only a few worked. But we got through that as some guest brought their own. There was not as many problems pertaining to this as made out above. People did not always pay attention and went ahead of themselves and made mistakes.

    The word in the room and afterwords was not as this review claims. It was not a disappointment. People were thrilled. They got their questions answered. They got to see what they came for. The had a great time with each other. Yes the registration process was a failure due to the Resort not giving us internet access as promised and the bulk of registrations came in at the last minute and even at the door (so this was not our fault). Yes some kits were not complete and we had to send them parts by mail. Yes one screen was down for a few hours. Yes I was tired trying to give everyone the best of experiences and fix problems caused by the Resort. But all in all people were satisfied. So lets get the facts right.

    • I assert that I gave the impression I received. I was not privy to the reasons why but overall my entire table was left with an impression I would call “unprofessional”. As I said many times in the review, I realized you worked very hard Rick on this and I am sorry the hotel let you down.
      I look forward to the next one this summer. I just learned of Bedini’s Earth Light – very cool! Looks like the cost of the next one will be significantly more – near $500/person. I would suggest any kits given out be optional – some of us already have several monopole kits.

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