Flash: W(S)MD launched over Kooskia, Idaho

The view from my deck towards Kooskia

It was one of those picture perfect mornings where the sky is this cloudless azure blue and the snow on the trees just says “I’m clean”! But around 1:01 PM (or was that 1:11 PM?) on 1-11-2011 I noticed a jet flying between me and the town of Kooskia and the silly thought came to my mind “hmm. Chemtrails”?
Later that evening I was taking a walk before our early sunset and looked up to see the, now classic spectacle of Chemtrails covering the sky. It made me instantly sick (in heart) and I turned around for home. Shortly after I got home the sun was setting and I took a picture to document this day.
I decided to call the local police and report it. They said “I was the first one” to say anything and had no suggestions as to who else I might call or what they might do about it.
Most people don’t seem to know much about these Chemtrails. A few months ago I received my complimentary copy of “What in the World are They Spraying” by G. Edward Griffin and Michael J. Murphy. It’s a full documentary on the subject of these Chemtrails.

The movie is needlessly long (but meets the minimum requirements of a “full length” movie). The real facts it presents could have been condensed down to a half-hour or less – but then charging you for a full length film would not be possible. I thought I would relay those basic points here for you so you don’t have to take the 2-hour tour so to speak.
The sight of a chemtrail is stark and clear evidence of the absolute helplessness of the individual living in these times. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it except complain to the authorities and talk about it like I am here with others. The powers that be use our own military against us and we can’t even find out what or why of this matter from our own government.
The movie Points I can recall are as follows:
1. US Military or unmarked planes appear to be spraying the stuff.
2. The chemicals appear to contain mostly oxides of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium.
3. The biological half-life of Aluminum is 10 years. That means it will take about 50 years, or a lifetime, for your body to naturally remove this stuff from your system.
4. Poisoning by these kinds of substances causes immune disorders, Alzheimer’s, lung problems and a host of other issues – short and long term.
5. A USDA soils expert living in the LA area who is now a gardening consultant notes:
a. Normal soil levels of Aluminum oxide is about .8 ppb.
b. He has measured soil levels locally (near LA) as high as 68000 ppb.
c. Soil contamination of Aluminum oxide raises the pH of the soil to levels that kill plants and soil organisms.
d. Heavy metal contamination of soils is very hard to remove.
6. The government denies any knowledge of these Chemtrails but:
a. Internally, these chemtrails are referred to as “persistent contrails”.
b. Geo-Engineering studies have been underway since the 90s and companies are actively seeking government funds to conduct research into this area.
c. These companies have de-emphasized study on the effects on the environment and on people by these contaminants and consider the loss of innocent public civilian lives as acceptable in light if its benefits. (Gee I feel so special!)
7. Chemtrail activity has been documented to have been happening over virtually every developed nation on earth – it is truly a global phenomenon since the mid 90s.
8. Thousands and thousands of accounts have been reported. (Try googleing “Chemtrails” or check out YouTube on this subject)
There are probably more facts I have missed but I have the movie loaned out and don’t recall any more offhand.
I moved out to the middle of nowhere to get away from these kinds of things and breathe the clean air and drink some clean water. Now I have found that my own pristine back-yard is the site for these experiments from hell and it really pisses me off!
This stuff is so scary that many people including my daughter and wife can look right at the evidence and say I am imagining things. It is truly life shattering to accept the fact that all those chemtrails are actually hazardous substances and are actually being sprayed on us. But I believe it. I NEVER saw such persistent contrails in my life till the last decade and I see them all the time now.
I think this qualifies a W(S)MD – a Weapon of Slow Mass Destruction. I am coining the acronym WSMD here and now. It is clearly and act of war and deserves some kind of collective investigation and retaliation. Whoever is doing this needs to be stopped and held responsible.
So the big questions remain: “Who” and “Why”.
The movie could only speculate on these questions and so can I. The movie suggested the possibility of weather control or the development of some kind of cure for Global Warming. It also pointed out that possibly companies like Monsanto are developing aluminum resistant strains that they can sell once the private organic gardening business is destroyed by this contamination.
That’s possible but here’s my take:
George (whichever) Bush and David Rockefeller both have massively huge holdings in South America, including entire aquifers. I have heard in several strategic government discussions, the importance of controlling water.
Could it be that the New World Order types of the world intend to take control of major water holdings outside of the developed nations and then contaminate the water supplies of the rest of the world to place them on top? This would be horribly diabolical but you know, I just can’t see the corrupt of this world not going so low.
One way to find out would be to start spraying chemtrails of our own over places like the Bush compound in Paraguay and see if things start changing.
If everyone who saw these would immediately call all the authorities they could find including your local police, city council, county council, state representatives and federal representatives, maybe it would get enough attention to make them stop.


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Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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