More Chemtrails

Another beautiful cloudless morning and what do I see?
The top two were at almost 10AM. The next two were about a half hour later.  And the bottom two were a few minutes after that.
It’s interesting how quickly these are dispersing into something that looks just like a cloud. It’s also interesting that these do not show prismatic effects on the light as others I have seen. Obviously they have changed either the composition or particulate size to better disguise what is being done.  I know con-trails – they would be gone by now.  These are turning a cloudless day into a hazy day.  Why?

A few days ago it was hazy and a neighbor said they were spraying over the horizon and they were drifting over to me.  I assumed since there was no rainbow effect that he was exaderating – now I see that he wasn’t.
This is clearly Geo Engineering being done by the Military (or worse, a foreign power such as the UN or IMF) without our consent or representation. Our government officially denies this is happening.
Worse, should this be shown to be an environmental or health hazard this constitutes a WSMD (Weapon of Slow Mass Destruction). You NSA, CIA or Homeland Security types checking out this blog should note that SOMEDAY there will be a Neuremburg-like war crimes tribunal happening about this and those participating in this or its cover-up will be found just a guilty as the Nazi prison guards were. You ARE responsible – whether or not you believe it and the most high God will have his vengeance on the last day! Be warned and repent!
If I had the equipment to test the air and soil I would. I am betting there is lots of aluminum in those trails.
My advice to anyone reading this – if you see Chemtrails (persistent con-trails) then speak up. Blog it, photo it, call your local police and report it and bug your representatives at every level of government EVERY TIME you see them – till something is done.  There is already massive evidence of this all over the world.  Just keep piling it on till it cannot be ignored – or live with the consequences.



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Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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