Praise of the repentant

A simple field of flowers in spring

The details defy the simplicity of God’s beauty

Looking over my blogs I see that I am often fearful and often critical. It is my flaw and my strength. I have failed to write of the glories of God in my writings so I feel it is high time I make mention of the great creator and all the benefits I have because of Him.
There is really no way to describe Him. His thinking is so far above ours. His greatness is clearly seen in all created things – the pattern of logic, beauty, economy, functionality, balance, self-healing and self-reproducing life so far surpasses anything man has done as to make man utterly insignificant in His sight. God’s creation reveals wisdom to the depths that numbers cannot calculate and words cannot express. The exactness of his design is like the last digit of pi. We pretend to understand yet where we have a free hand and all the collective power of our race at our disposal, we utterly fail. We collide with each other and usurp rather than build. We steel rather than give freely as He does. God has granted us so many blessings we cannot count them. Even just looking at one overwhelms me – yet any single blessing is likely useless without all the others. Without the gift of reason what good is the gift of light? Without the gift of reproduction what good is the gift hope. God lays us in a managre of unimaginable blessing on all sides. We smell, see, feel, taste and hear his blessings every day. We all reap a great harvest of blessings each day, even the worst among us, and rarely give Him thanks nor do we even comprehend what we have. We only miss something when it is lost – and even then, we are sometimes too self-absorbed or egotistical to see that it has even been taken away.
Thank you God for your continual and great blessings to me, my family, my nation, this earth, this universe through all time and for your greatest gifts that await your sons in eternity.



About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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