A cool ATV ride

A shot taken in Elk City August 18th where their annual "Fun Run" was held.

Dixie doesn't have a working gas station right now so I got some from a local.

Dixie doesn’t have a working gas station right now so I got some from a local.

I had to get there at 7 AM in time for the pancake breakfast (included in the whopping $10 fee). Breakfast was awesome!
I found a coupld of guys to partner with and we soon took off. Because of the dust we had to follow each other quite a distance apart which made it feel like I was going all by myself. The trail was well marked with trivia questions an jokes posted along the way to keep everyone going with a good mood. ATVing out there is actually quite scary. Some of the trails were a bit challenging and technical, but nothing real dangerous. What was scary is the sheer number of turnoffs and trails to choose from. If they hadn’t been marked so well, I am sure I would have gotten lost.
As I traveled hour after hour, I noticed my gas was going down pretty quickly. I had no idea what the range of my ATV was. Soon I was down to 1/6th of a tank and really hoping we were close to Dixie. Just then it appeared and I enjoyed a burger lunch for $5.
It was then that I met several of the Dixie locals – quite a self-relian bunch I should say. Dixie is so rustic… well it makes Northern Exposure look like the big city! Snow there in the winter gets up to 10 feet deep! Only 12 people live there in the winter months. You can’t like living there unless you love isolation. They had a nice community center where there were dancess, videos and books to share. There are a few rentals and an outfitter in the town and that’s about it. I thought Elk City was small!
Anyway Kathy graciously sold me a few gallons of gas from her private stash to get back on and so I was good to go back.
Unfortunately my partners decided to leave without me so I hung out till others arrived I could join.
I met a nice family from Boise whos son’s took me back to Elk City.
I enjoyed the run back even more than the one out because a lot of it ran along a creek and there were lots of beautiful mountain meadows along the way.

The isolation is awesome and scary. It would be very easy to get lost or hurt out there and never find your way back. Looking back, the trails were so well marked that I could easily have gotten through it without help, but it was quite scary the first time!
On the way back we stopped at the town of Orogrand – a one-family home that still keeps the town’s name.
Everybody was so friendly and we ended up with a nice pulled pork dinner and a raffle.
Didn’t win anything but it was a total blast for me!
Yesterday I attended the “Dust Devils ATV Club” annual “Fun Run” activity which involved a trail ride from Elk City to Dixie over hill and dale on my ATV. The total distance was around 107 miles. The event cost a whopping $10 and I had a great time.


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Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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One Response to A cool ATV ride

  1. Jayson says:

    Sandy It was our pleasure to have you along for the ride we really enjoyed getting to know you. I would love to invite you to next years ride if you watch our web page they will be posted. Please come back and bring your friends to our wonderful back yard and if you ever want a tour that’s not on a club ride contact me and we will get you set up with a club member. Thanks for the great review.



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