Blessings overflowing

Last night I awoke at 2:30AM and found myself counting up in my mind all the taxes I had paid so far in my 55 years of life.  I thought about Income, property, sales, gas, and then wondered how much of corporate taxes I paid indirectly through high prices.  Seeing that in a few years I may very well see what is left of my possessions taken by the tax man, I was depressed.

Just before writing this blog I ran in to this blog totally by accident about a guy’s boat being confiscated by Homeland Security because he refused to sign a form that was not true.

So there I was in bed asking God why the world is so ##$%%@ screwed up.

I hate theft, especially the collective theft of the government that hides behind the phrase “paying your fair share”.  I wondered about how theft thwarts productivity and how we have a world approaching more thieving scams than productive citizens can hold together.  We will likely go into WWIII because of a lack of resources, not because we don’t have enough to go around, but because we spend too much effort stealing from each other instead of creating wealth.

Then I had this strange thought: What’s the difference, economically, between theft and a gift?  Both transfer wealth with no compensation.  One could argue that theft by the rich on the poor or weak centralizes capital which promotes decay in productivity – but that would make theft by the poor on the rich justified.

No,  What God gave me was this revelation…

Everyone will die and everything we do will eventually pass into oblivion.  As Solomon said, all is vanity.  It truly is.  Life would then be depressingly pointless except for one thing – we are all telling a story.  The story is the purpose of all God has done.  It is a story that shows forth God’s glory.  Those who follow God and love one another and give and hope and love and dream show his glory directly and will benefit by God’s grace and incomparable generosity.  Those that fight God, that hold in, that hate, that hurt, that steal and defraud, they too tell the story.  They are the dark background that makes the lighter parts show up clearly.  The contrast tells the story.

This is why God says he “prepares a table for us before our enemies”.  The table is his blindingly bright grace and joy and truth while the surrounding enemies are the dark background of sin that makes the table show up that much brighter.

All things in this life will come to an end and God will do what he will do with us and our spirits.  I know He will be just but He will also be merciful.  I know he will show love and truth in perfect balance.

So I went back to sleep.

Then the next day was AWESOME!

I went to the Georgetown library to teach chess to kids and met several new kids who wanted to learn.  I was afraid that because my regular kids would all be gone I might be just sitting there alone, but several came and I got to meet their parents and connect.  I loaned out a couple of chess-sets for the week which I am sure will make the parents happy and bring the kids back next week.

Then I bought a huge hunk of salmon for our Church’s pot-luck tomorrow and took it home.

Then I decided to check out the east-side of Grand Cayman a bit.  My wife is out-of-town for a few weeks so I am free to go explore!


I drove up High Rock Road that goes to, presumably, the highest point on the island.  As I came to the end of the road I found an abandoned home and decided to park and walk around.  It was really nice to do so as it reminded me of my ranch in Idaho.  NO sounds but birds and the wind!  I love the quiet!

Then I discovered I was among dozens of parrots!  All checking me out and flying over my head and calling out the strangest sounds.  I had tried to find Parrots on Cayman Brac but no luck.  Here I found tons!  Lots of interesting plants too.

Then I drove back and checked out the blow-holes.  I wish I had brought my camera!  It was classically beautiful as the waves pounded into the blowholes and shot water up into the air making a beautiful rainbow each time.

I stood in front of a once beautiful home-built right in front of the blow holes.  It looked like it must have been hit by hurricane Ivan in 2004.  It was superbly built with a built-in lap pool and jacuzzi and it looked solid as a rock but whatever hit it was stronger than that rock.  I could very much relate to it as my fortune had disappeared in a short 5 years from my retirement from Microsoft.  I faced similar destruction and the fruits of life are proving to be so fleeting.

Then I drove down the road west a ways to Heritage beach.


Yes it really looks like this and it’s less than 30 minutes from my apartment!  I put on my mask, snorkel, booties and fins and checked it out.  AWESOME DUDE!  Not really that special in that there weren’t tons of fish but I saw lots of live Conch snails in their shells, grass typically eaten by the famous Cayman Turtles, and cool little fish and worms and stuff.  It was just like some kind of surround 3D show – but I was really there! WOW.

I got out and another person was coming to have dinner and watch the sunset with her boyfriend.  She raved about some Jerk pork she had gotten down the road.

This made me hungry so I went and got some – mmm good!

There at the jerk place, the door had written on it “God is the head of this business”. I gave her a generous tip.

Then it was home to prepare the fish for tomorrow’s feast.

I see the table of blessing the Lord sets before me in the presence of my enemies – and I am glad!


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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3 Responses to Blessings overflowing

  1. That’s really cool. Glad you enjoyed it, and I’m glad you get Ecclesiastes. It’s a good book and is a huge encouragement to me to put things in God’s hands.

  2. sanfords says:

    The fish was a hit at the feast – it came out perfect and everyone loved it. Blessing in, blessing out. Way to breath I say!

  3. Lynn Edmark says:

    Great post!

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