A thought I had today in Church

An image of God

Our Pastor, the Reverend Alson Ebanks, of the Church of God on Walkers Road, on Grand Cayman Island, was preaching out of the book of Ephesians for about the 4th time in a row of Sundays.  But what caught my mind today was his mention of a time machine.

He was talking of the fact that God is outside creation and not limited by it.  As he said it “The universe could fall apart today and it wouldn’t affect God at all.”

Then an image struck me.  What if I had a time machine, like Dr. Who, but much smaller and more efficient.  What if I could travel to any place and time my mind desired?

Then I thought of a finite task, like say, building a house.  Suppose I wanted to build a house, but in just a week.  If I had this time machine, I could do it!  I could go back in time over that week over and over and reproduce myself.  More powerful than that, each time I went back in time I would gain knowledge.  Knowledge of what was about to happen during that week.  Knowledge of all the other places I was at during that week.  Combined together, the ability to reproduce myself at any place and time and the ability to remember the experiences of each instance of myself over that week, I could literally hold a bucket while I filled it, while I prepared the concrete to mix with it, while I leveled the pouring surface, while I turned on the hose, while I prepared the tools to smooth the concrete, while I … whatever was needed to accomplish my task.

I could build that house in a day if it weren’t for processes like the drying of glue and concrete and paint or the time it takes to order and deliver materials.  The limitations of time and space would mean nothing to me.

By the time the week was over I would have my house, but I would probably be at least a year older.  My year compressed into a week.  But compressed with the synergy of perfect knowledge of myself in each instance and complete knowledge of what was to happen and when during that week.  (Image: The Ancient of Days)

This, to me, was a fantastic insight into what God is like.  This is a way to imagine how God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.  He lives outside of time so He is timeless.

Now apply this to the world, the way it is.

What if, like groundhog day, I could focus my attention on a person to change their mind?  Like Bill Murray, I would be getting to try over and over every possible combination of actions and words to convince the lady of my choice to marry me.  For God, it’s a little different.  Through history there are billions of  people God is trying to reach and change.  But he is myriad and all places with infinite knowledge and control over every molecule of His universe.

All things work for the good for those who are in Christ Jesus (Yahhushua).

He has, is, and will be always “been there” and “done that”.  All inanimate things are in his direct control while all creatures with a will are not.  He has been everywhere and at all times viewed and arranged creation to direct the selected individuals He has chosen to His desired destiny by arranging all events and things with infinite precision, knowledge and power.  This IS a prefect universe from His perspective – how could it be any less?

It’s as if He was made the size of a quark and duplicated with a time machine where each quark knows it and all other quarks history to the finest detail.  And because He is one, all things are unified to work towards a single will.  All sinergistically working together to create the perfect history to produce the desired result – but without ever violating the will of any of the myriad creatures, angelic, human, and perhaps animal, he has created.

Keul!  What a thought.


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