Our Pursuit of God

Todays random thought consists of another anagogical picture that came to my mind when musing on our pursuit of God.

Meditating on the fact that God is as he is, naturally perfect and wonderful, it appears that His Word contains our signposts to pursuing him perfectly.

The golden rule is a wonderful test to see if something we might do is good or not.  It really tells you right away if what you are doing is consistent with the basic tenants of love and truth.

But a rule I also like to use is the collective golden rule, that is: “If everyone did this, what would the world be like?”

A simple harmless example question would be: “What if everyone breathed?”  Plugging into the collective golden rule I can see that it is already in fact implemented fully.  Everyone breathes, and the world is quite satisfactory thank you.

How about: “What if everyone were exclusively homosexual?”  Well logic tells me that in about a generation, there would be no human life left on earth.

God is life and He pursues it, giving it abundantly and desiring it to appear everywhere.  His creation on earth is so full of life it is hard to find a place without it.

Another image that came to mind was the game of Jenga.  Opposing God is like playing the game of Jenga.  You might get pretty far but eventually it will fall.  God doesn’t need to judge things or even lift a finger.  His laws are built into what he made.  Man, or even Satan, can build a tower as high as he likes.  Maybe he will amaze the world and get 100 feet tall, but eventually, if will fall.  God doesn’t even have to shake the table or make a wind…. it WILL FALL.

We may build small, apparently harmless towers and we may defend people’s right to do so, but sin will keep us from optimum life.  It is difficult however to discern between Gods variety and permissive will and the right path we should chose.  Each person is different, and in a different place.  Something may be a sin for one and not for the other at a given point in time.

This is not to say that there are many ways to God.  Sin is sin and I believe each individual has an optimal path to follow and will be held accountable for the path he chooses.  But God can redeem our sin and make all things new – this does not make our will right, but His grace perfect.

As our society continues to try to build social networks based on flawed or wrong ideas, the chaos and violence and disharmony grows.  It is so unfortunate that man will go for generations without repenting of his foolish schemes and leave the world full of fallen Jenga blocks.

Now back to the final image: pursuing God (love and truth) is like a sperm fighting to find the egg.  God gives us infinite variety in the paths we might take to find him.  If we are seeking him, he will play our game and allow us to explore and find him.  If we are stubbornly going down the wrong path, He lets us exhaust ourselves and gives us many chances to turn around.  If we pursue a different object we will eventually starve and die but his Grace may rescue us in spite of ourselves.  He knows this.  He is so patient with us, even with Satan himself.  He makes this perfect being and allows him to fight God and cause incredible damage to His creation and creatures.  But in the end, nothing is really harmed that God cannot fix and Satan is revealed as he is, a fool trying to build a tower that he cannot sustain.  All the glory goes to God.

And like the sperm and the egg, once we reach our goal, we enter into intimate fellowship with God and become one with him… and produce more life!


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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