Why am I angry at the world


My wife often admonishes me for being “mad at the world”.

This I will freely admit.  I am angry.

So please let me explain why.

Since an early age I have been exposed to geo-political thought and economic theory. What these big words describe is an understanding of how things work on a large scale.

When you gain this kind of knowledge you begin to see a very simple pattern.  Our society, our world in fact, is full of systems and processes designed to extract wealth from others. There are other systems designed to create wealth.  Systems that extract or transfer wealth are simply methods of theft and that is a simple biblically defined sin.

Over the past 60 years or so there has been a migration from systems that produce to systems that steal.

It is wrong to steal.  Why? Because the desire of God is abundance, freedom and rest and theft does not produce any of these things.

These systems of theft are embedded into our psyche at a level most of us can’t even see. They are so pervasive that they become invisible.  Only if you can step back from everything and think clearly can you see them.

Let’s site some examples:

You go to school to get an education but the powers that control education want to create dumbed down consumers to fleece.  Thus they don’t teach creative thought and disciplined analysis but instead teach you how to be manageable (stand in line, sit and do as your told) and how to climb ladders  (tests, ranks, social hierarchies)).  This prepares the citizen to obediently pay taxes, work a job, and basically follow a trough of activity from birth to death – this includes training them to relinquish the fruit of their marriage to the same school system they went through – thus propagating the system of indoctrination.  We pay our taxes to pay for the school system and the cycle is complete.

You watch TV cuz they are in every home and you are so bored with life (because you have been trained to be a slave) that you watch it every day.  The TV instills into you an alternate social life.  Gilligan’s Island, or the Simpsons become your neighbor, your friend or your mom.  As you grow up in this system of thought you gain the comfort of familiarity (which literally means family ties) from the TV.  Watching that rerun of MASH becomes your coping mechanism to deal with a life of jobs, bills, taxes and insurance.  Other forms of “entertainment” include movies, which are commonly used to form a collective thought in society, rewrite history, or otherwise change the general perception of an entire populace about a particular subject.  All this results in a unified mass of thought that becomes extremely difficult to extract yourself from.

You go to the mall to buy stuff cuz that’s what everyone else is doing.  You do this because you are subjected to about 1000 commercials and ads per day via TV, the internet, billboards, telemarketers, newspaper ads, etc. – all of which are designed to make you want something you usually don’t need.  This brings expenditures that raise the need for income that increase income taxes and generates money for every system that siphons your money from you whenever you buy or sell.  This forces people to work 5, 6, and 7 days a week to make enough to pay their bills.  This leads to a loss of creative thinking ability and turns us all into zombies – which leads us back to the mall.

All of this is insanity and evil and wrong.  Aldus Huxley clearly outlined what is happening in his “Brave New World” – a book I never had to read in school.

So this makes me angry.  I want OUT of this!!!  I want out of this almost more than life – because this isn’t life – its a living hell.

Here’s how I see the way out.

First, simply turn off the TV, stop reading the newspaper, stop following the news (which is just another form of entertainment because, clearly, the news and truth are two very different things) and start getting outside into nature.  Take time to rest and think.  Strive to be content with what you have and quell the fears of being different.  Figure out how to give of your time and labor instead of things.  Figure out how to get yourself out of these systems by living simply, making what you need or at least reducing the reach of your actions by interacting locally with your neighbors instead of with the Chinese via Walmart.

Earn less, spend less, do more.  You’d be surprised how many cures and how much food just naturally grows in your back yard.

Get tight with your family and church and neighbors and pull yourself out of as many systems of wealth extraction as you can.

In the end, you won’t have that fancy car or giant house, but you won’t have that mortgage and payments either.

Then you will have the time to take one day in 7 completely off to rest, think and love.  As I recall, that is one of the ten commandments.

Then you will be blessed with true wealth and peace and life – and I won’t be angry anymore.


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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3 Responses to Why am I angry at the world

  1. Maria Staab says:

    I definitely get this. I’m glad Jesus wants a perfect world and is trustworthy to make it that way.

  2. Cleon says:

    Love this one Sandy, I’ve always been an advocate of getting out of the “cycle” and just living. I’m gonna take a second and third read of this, it has the makings of an eye opener.

  3. sanfords says:

    I like Maria’s comment. A problem with anger is that it is from the heart not the head. This makes it tricky to prevent it from hurting others. Giving my pain to God is my goal. I don’t wont the sin of others to make me propagate evil due to my anger against it. I don’t want to be part of the problem if I can help it.

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