My Bio

I have been one of the most blessed people I know.  Dumb luck got me into more cool things than I deserve.  I was born to parents that met working on the atomic bomb and who later worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab where as a High School student, I got to work on the Octopus computer system – largest in the world at the time, and got to babysit a computer club 8080 home built PC for the summer.  I later moved a few blocks from Processor Technology who were building cool PCs in their garage.  I got to help assemble these one summer.  Because my dad lost all his money about the time I graduated (due to a crook of a partner) I decided to go into the Navy as a Nuc so I could earn my GI Bill.  Six Amazing years of schooling and working on the devil boat (SSN 666) the most famous submarine in history due to the secret mission it did which I got a metal for but didn’t actually do (I arrived on the boat just as they finished their op).  Ops that I did do on that boat were either liberty runs or weekly ops – really easy and fun duty.  I got to spend two years in the shipyard with the boat witnessing the 3rd worst Nuc incident in history which allowed me to spend the remainder of my enlistment as a semi-civilian at the shipyard.  I then attended UC Berzerkeley on my GI bill and graduated with high marks and got snapped of by Microsoft who humbly waited for me an entire summer while my new wife and I traveled Europe for our honeymoon.  When I started work at Microsoft the market crashed so I got better stock options than people that had been there for 5 years!  Spent 20 years working as a developer with some of the smartest people in the company and got to work on such cool projects as OS/2 (best ship party in the company’s history – 2 weeks in Maui with my wife!) NT and Windows and later on Sidewalk (you never heard of sidewalk but it was a major website done in C++ before ASP and C# and PHP were invented) and Messenger.  I retired at my ranch in Idaho which I bought as a hedge for Y2K.  Lost most of my $ from 2000 on due to not getting out of the market and have been kicking myself since.  I have a wonderful Son and Daughter both of whom are married and doing well.  I should be a grandfather in a week or so of writing this bio.  My wife is currently separated from me and I am in a life recovery mode, living in a paradise better than I deserve yet not sure what the future holds for me.  Living life one day at a time and thankful for each one.

This is the short version.  Man I have been blessed!


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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