A possible explanation for the Mandela Effect

If  you haven’t heard of the Mandela Effect, go to youtube and search for some videos on the subject.  You will find a massive set of data points that are inexplicable and trending.  Go ahead, check it out, I’ll just wait here…

If you personally do not have any memories that don’t jive with our present reality (like I do) than you probably might as well stop reading here.

Now I have my desired audience!

Mandela Effect trending

Google Trends on the Mandela Effect

We know from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Placebo Effect that observation and belief effects reality.  We know from such things as faith healing and “The Secret” that people can will changes into reality.

Supposing that the state of all non-living things on earth is controlled by a higher dimension.  Suppose that our actions such as building a house, effect that higher dimension as we take the steps to assemble physical structures, write books, invent things, etc.

Now suppose that Google Search has finally reached sufficient public critical mass that it can significantly effect the beliefs of enough people to alter reality on a mass scale.

Here’s a typical scenario: Google Search makes a change to its search results from “Luke, I am your Father” to  “No, I am your Father” and immediately people searching on star wars stuff begin to observe this change and believe it’s true, cuz of course, “it’s on Google so it must be true”!  This alters the perception of reality of millions of people which alters the higher dimension controlling dead things in this reality and all of a sudden, all the star wars movies change to match the perception!

This is really insufficient to be believable but…

Let’s introduce the spiritual realm here.  I came up with this idea after watching the movie The Forgotten which had Aliens as the explanation for the selective loss of memories characters were having.

To me Aliens is just the PC term for daemons.  So lets suppose that daemons are watching us use search engines all the time.  Lets also suppose that they have a great influence on this higher dimension that controls the physical universe.  They then do an experiment by altering that dimension.  They then see Google begin to reflect the change they made and this propagates the meme into the consciousness of millions of people.  At first of course they would do inconspicuous things so as not to wake up the sheeple – because I think they have plans to ramp this up to create the mass delusion God will allow in the soon-to-come end times.

Because people don’t observe all possible references to the original reality, the daemons can’t update the higher dimension perfectly, at least not instantly.  As more references become observed by people, and thus by the daemons, the higher reality gets updated, just like Google Search does, to reflect a more coherent reality.

But like in the movie “The Forgotten”, some people just will not accept Google’s word for truth and there are these hanger-ons that see something here is wrong.

I believe our long-term memories must be held in an even higher dimension or in the spirit-realm where the daemons can’t touch them.  Thus it is easy for people with strong willed memories to hold onto the true memories of past reality because that part of us is simply stored somewhere else.

To me this all explains these aspects of the Mandela Effect:

  • The fact that a large number, but not everyone, notices something strange is going on.
  • The fact that reality appears to have always been the way it is even though it does not agree with our long-term memories.
  • The fact that discrepancies still exist where one form of reality is shown in one place but corresponding places don’t seem to have been affected yet.
  • The fact that seemingly minor/tiny changes are being made for the most part but these differences seem to be increasing in frequency and magnitude over time.

Without accepting the spiritual reality of demonic activity and biblical prophecy, I find this, or any explanation, to be hard to believe.  This one, to me, is actually rational and believable.

Comments welcome.


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