One good Mandela Effect begets another

Once again, I am writing about this fascinating thing called the Mandela Effect.  One of the best videos so far that I have seen on this topic is here.  Skip to 7:30 as the first part is pretty random speculation by the author that I don’t consider vary valuable.

One of the examples in this video is the Berest[E/A]in Bears. (23:50 in the video)

The URL being shown in the video is  If you go there you will see this:

Berenste-ain bears shot

In the video you will see that the author shows this page in a wayback machine and notes that the name changed around July-August of 2001.  He never noticed that the URL was spelled the old way.

Now there are two possibilities as I see it.

  1. The Mandela Effect is bogus and the book was ALWAYS named Berestain and for some silly reason, the cartoon website spelled it wrong both for the page name and for the title and later discovered they had made a mistake.
  2. The book actually did change and the title was changed to reflect the book change.

You can pick which you want to believe but there are MANY people that remember it as BerestEin.

Here’s a personal anecdote: I was visiting my sister and her daughter mid July of 2016 and showed them this video.  Both of them had some of the books and both remember the name being BerestEin.  After watching the movie we all went to their bookshelf and found one of the books and saw that it was BerestAin.  Both of them assumed that they had remembered it wrong and went back to sleep.  (Though they both lost a nights sleep thinking about it!)

If this were the only example, I would have done the same.  There are MANY and more are being found every day and many have evidences of the change still existing.

I don’t know what this is and I don’t know why it’s happening but I think this is important.  All it takes to make one a believer in the Mandela Effect is one good example that you have a strong personal memory of and the rest of the examples will pull you right in.

Hallmarks of the Mandela Effect:

  • Multiple people remember things as being different (but not everybody).
  • The changes are usually subtle.
  • The effect appears to go back in time – as if the item never had changed but was just remembered differently.
  • Often there are secondary or tertiary references that are not effected by the change. (The referenced video shows many of these)

What causes the Mandela Effect?  Here are the ideas I have heard:

  • CERN is messing with time and causing people to cross parallel universes or is altering our universe somehow.
  • Satan is in his final attacks before the second coming and is screwing with our heads.
  • This is a PsyOp by the US Government with Google helping to mess with our heads and distract us from more important matters.
  • Its not happening at all and you’re crazy to think so.  It’s all a memory trick caused by errors that have always been there but nobody noticed till now.
  • Its not happening.  There are a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists out there believing this stuff and promoting it (like me here).

Whatever the reason, it is trending… and is mostly trending in North America – as if America is the target if this were some PsyOp.



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