An answer for Natural Law Anarchists


Mark Passio explaining Natural Law

This post is in reference to this excellent series on Natural Law a friend pointed out to me.

Mark makes a very compelling argument for Natural Law being above government authority and thus advocates anarchy as the only truly lawful government.

However, Mark may be missing a subtle point that causes me to disagree with the anarchists.
I hit this problem long ago in Romans 13 and on the surrender of Christ voluntarily to the (bogus) authorities of the day to be crucified.
Mark is an ex-satanist and so has likely not received the Holy Spirit fully yet in his life and so is blind to this point as are all anarchists I have spoken with.
Christ/God is the owner of all and the only truly legitimate authority of this universe.  This is implied all through Mark’s presentation – the Creator made Natural Law, it is not a creation of man.  This is, like natural law, a fact that most people don’t like to think about.  This is why the biblical flood is so ignored by our culture – it represents proof that God has the authority to judge this world.
IF Christ is God and the recorded scriptures accurately reflect His will, then we must deal with the fact that we are called to “love our enemies as ourselves” (Mat 5:43-48) and “Love those that persecute you”.
This is literally a command NOT to exercise your right to self defense.
This is the very high calling of Christ and it is either the true will of the creator or the Bible is just another tool for mind control.
When Mark points out that Christ took a switch to the money changers in the temple, he probably wasn’t aware that He did that on the Feast of Unleavened Bread – the time when all families in Israel were removing the leaven from their homes.  It had symbolic meaning and wasn’t just Christ throwing a tantrum at some evil sin.  It is the only time when Christ seems to exhibit any kind of violent response to sin.
If Christ’s words and behavior are correct, it coincides with Pauls admonition in Romans 13 for us to respect any authority.   To me, Paul seems to say that anyone that happens to have power, has so at the hand of God, and is thus appointed by God to rule over us.  I have always not liked this because a thug can simply claim legitimate authority and get the passive Christians to follow him.  But Christ willingly surrendered to the bogus authorities of the day and stopped Peter who wanted to exercise his legitimate right to self defense with his sword.
This is where I differ from the anarchists.  This world is temporary and our sin has put us into bondage and exile from the kingdom of God till, in God’s time, we are released from it.
We are not called to “fix it”.  (I really can’t believe I am saying this!) We are told to obey authorities (even illegitimate ones) so we can live lives of peace.  Presumably this is so we can win others to Christ and work for the Kingdom of God instead of the Kingdom of man.  Mark is still stuck (where I was for a long time) in the “all evil requires is for good men to do nothing” – or “God helps those that help themselves”.  We didn’t make this world and we won’t be able to fix it.  God made it for His glory, not ours.  The Church is a woman and the Song of Solomon shows us how lame and stupid she is.  The bridegroom (Christ) redeems her and restores her, she accomplishes nothing of herself but to lock her King out of her home while she sleeps, changing her mind, and getting lost trying to find him.  She loves Him but in a totally ditsy way that accomplishes nothing.  It is the rock that the Church is based on that prevents the gates of hell from prevailing against her not her actions or power.
Either the Bible is true, and we are all slaves to Christ in this life…. or All Religion, including Christianity, is a mind-control program and life is pointless and meaningless.
I see no middle ground.
Still, I highly recommend a listen to Mark’s presentation above.  He does still contradict himself in that he appears to believe in evolution and references Rosicrucian masters, tarot cards, and other false sources of enlightenment.  It is a very dark place from which this guy comes so I can give him some slack.  Just beware, when one learns much truth, any error therein is that much more powerful and easily swallowed.
I spent time watching this other video by the same author:
He reveals things to me I had not perceived on watching the first 3 videos.  Does this man believe the Bible?  Does he believe in the Resurrection?  Certainly not.  He has an appearance of righteousness but denies the power of God and certainly lacks the humility needed to know the truth.  I regarded him more as poison than help by the time I was done with this last video.  If you can’t see his error, flee this information and re-read your bible.

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