Laborador being naieve again

In a recent email to me from my congressman, the honorable Raul Laborador, he recently said this:

That’s why on Thursday I voted for bipartisan American Safe Act, which passed the House 289-137. The bill requires the FBI Director, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence to certify that refugees entering from failed states do not pose threats to our national security.

ISIS is a CIA front used to create false-flag operations which is being used to cause the american people to be so afraid that they will demand a totalitarian state so they can be safe.

I keep hearing Obama and others in this administration saying that their top priority is to “keep Americans safe from … (insert your current boogeyman here)”.

No.  Their primary job is to “Support and defend the Constitution for the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

Virtually ALL our problems are outgrowths of violations of the letter and spirit of the constitution – ALL of them!

Mr. Laborador, please get on with what you took an oath to do.  Stop voting for anything unconstitutional and call everyone else in congress out on this as well.  Stop funding black budget items – just say NO.  Don’t let the propaganda of the press or your fooled constituents talk you into doing anything unconstitutional.

Thank you sir.

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Hosed by the cloud again

For some reason I can no longer add any posts to any of my blogspot blogs so I will have to blog things here.  Specifically, my political blog: is no longer growing.

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My Bio

I have been one of the most blessed people I know.  Dumb luck got me into more cool things than I deserve.  I was born to parents that met working on the atomic bomb and who later worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab where as a High School student, I got to work on the Octopus computer system – largest in the world at the time, and got to babysit a computer club 8080 home built PC for the summer.  I later moved a few blocks from Processor Technology who were building cool PCs in their garage.  I got to help assemble these one summer.  Because my dad lost all his money about the time I graduated (due to a crook of a partner) I decided to go into the Navy as a Nuc so I could earn my GI Bill.  Six Amazing years of schooling and working on the devil boat (SSN 666) the most famous submarine in history due to the secret mission it did which I got a metal for but didn’t actually do (I arrived on the boat just as they finished their op).  Ops that I did do on that boat were either liberty runs or weekly ops – really easy and fun duty.  I got to spend two years in the shipyard with the boat witnessing the 3rd worst Nuc incident in history which allowed me to spend the remainder of my enlistment as a semi-civilian at the shipyard.  I then attended UC Berzerkeley on my GI bill and graduated with high marks and got snapped of by Microsoft who humbly waited for me an entire summer while my new wife and I traveled Europe for our honeymoon.  When I started work at Microsoft the market crashed so I got better stock options than people that had been there for 5 years!  Spent 20 years working as a developer with some of the smartest people in the company and got to work on such cool projects as OS/2 (best ship party in the company’s history – 2 weeks in Maui with my wife!) NT and Windows and later on Sidewalk (you never heard of sidewalk but it was a major website done in C++ before ASP and C# and PHP were invented) and Messenger.  I retired at my ranch in Idaho which I bought as a hedge for Y2K.  Lost most of my $ from 2000 on due to not getting out of the market and have been kicking myself since.  I have a wonderful Son and Daughter both of whom are married and doing well.  I should be a grandfather in a week or so of writing this bio.  My wife is currently separated from me and I am in a life recovery mode, living in a paradise better than I deserve yet not sure what the future holds for me.  Living life one day at a time and thankful for each one.

This is the short version.  Man I have been blessed!

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The Entitlement Mantality of Cats

My Cat

My Cat

As I write this post, my cat is pawing at the door to get in – again.  She expects me to let her in because I let her in yesterday – the first time in several months.

As winter comes around my conscience nags me more about enforcing my rule on Moto to never come into the house again.  This rule was made based on about 15 incidents where Moto pooped in my house rather than let me know when she needed to go outside to go.  (Yes I could have put a litter box in the house for her but I don’t really consider my home her hotel or smell like a litter box.)

For several weeks we had a very good working relationship.  I would feed her outside, she would eat, poop, and paw to come in.  I would let her in and she would hang out all day in the sun and snuggle with me in bed.  If she needed to go, she would let me know and I would let her out and back in.  A perfect relationship.

This ended when she just decided, even on beautiful days, that she really didn’t want to ever have to leave the house.  She would hide herself when it was time to go out and eat.  I would leave the food outside, thinking that eventually hunger would prompt her to go out.

I was surprised at her response.  Instead of asking to go out, she would just poop on the rug in our basement – usually in the same general area.  She would go out to eat and I would leave her out as retaliation for her indiscretion.  She would then stalk the doors of the house, knowing about when I would leave the house and where and would proceed to sneak in.  Once in, she would bolt for the safety of a couch or go downstairs where she had many hiding places.  She would of course never come when called and I would proceed to leave her inside, only to find more poop and eventually she would leave to eat and then sneak in again.

Eventually I raised my preparedness when exiting and simply would never let her in. Since then she has been an outside cat most of the summer.  Now that fall is coming, she wants back in and proceeds to wake me up at night several times in an attempt to get me to let her in – as if nothing had happened.  Sometimes she will even scratch the doors or weather stripping to get me to let her in.  Our deck railing is so scratched up you can see it from a hundred feet away – needless to say, I don’t appreciate my deck being her scratching post.

I love cats, when they cooperate with me.  I love to pet them and have them cuddle with me in bed or in a chair.  But they seem to have a different mode of operation from that of a dog.  Most cat lovers will have a scratching post and litter box in their house – is shows who is master I think.

A dog will generally do just about anything to please you and can often be trained to even become useful to you.  Cats on the other hand just don’t fit that role.  You can feed your cat caviar or cheap dry food.  You can house them in a mansion or a cat house.  You can give them attention or not.  But it seems, no matter what you do, you generally don’t see a cat be thankful, helpful or obedient.

I have seen Moto thankful on very rare occasions, and I love it when I see that.  But most of the time, when I feed her something special, or pet her, or let her stay inside on a cold night, she acts the same as if I had done nothing.  It is as if she owns the house and I am her butler.  Though she is entirely dependent on my feeding and housing her, she seems to care less and assumes an heir of control and supremacy.

I know if I let her in now, she will be scratching again tomorrow evening, the precedent being set, she will expect to be let in and will scratch even longer than tonight because past experience dictates to her that I will eventually give in.  The only way I can stop her scratching is to reduce her expectations by NOT letting her in.  Sad.  I would like to have the option of being nice to her without the expectation that I will be so tomorrow – or suffer the consequences.

She is a queen, entitled to whatever she wants, when she wants it, regardless of past offences, your mood or resources.

I think as far as cats go, Moto is generally pretty good – which explains why she is still around – though I don’t think I could ever get myself to kill or even abandon a pet.

So I contemplate what to do this winter with Moto.

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Why am I angry at the world


My wife often admonishes me for being “mad at the world”.

This I will freely admit.  I am angry.

So please let me explain why.

Since an early age I have been exposed to geo-political thought and economic theory. What these big words describe is an understanding of how things work on a large scale.

When you gain this kind of knowledge you begin to see a very simple pattern.  Our society, our world in fact, is full of systems and processes designed to extract wealth from others. There are other systems designed to create wealth.  Systems that extract or transfer wealth are simply methods of theft and that is a simple biblically defined sin.

Over the past 60 years or so there has been a migration from systems that produce to systems that steal.

It is wrong to steal.  Why? Because the desire of God is abundance, freedom and rest and theft does not produce any of these things.

These systems of theft are embedded into our psyche at a level most of us can’t even see. They are so pervasive that they become invisible.  Only if you can step back from everything and think clearly can you see them.

Let’s site some examples:

You go to school to get an education but the powers that control education want to create dumbed down consumers to fleece.  Thus they don’t teach creative thought and disciplined analysis but instead teach you how to be manageable (stand in line, sit and do as your told) and how to climb ladders  (tests, ranks, social hierarchies)).  This prepares the citizen to obediently pay taxes, work a job, and basically follow a trough of activity from birth to death – this includes training them to relinquish the fruit of their marriage to the same school system they went through – thus propagating the system of indoctrination.  We pay our taxes to pay for the school system and the cycle is complete.

You watch TV cuz they are in every home and you are so bored with life (because you have been trained to be a slave) that you watch it every day.  The TV instills into you an alternate social life.  Gilligan’s Island, or the Simpsons become your neighbor, your friend or your mom.  As you grow up in this system of thought you gain the comfort of familiarity (which literally means family ties) from the TV.  Watching that rerun of MASH becomes your coping mechanism to deal with a life of jobs, bills, taxes and insurance.  Other forms of “entertainment” include movies, which are commonly used to form a collective thought in society, rewrite history, or otherwise change the general perception of an entire populace about a particular subject.  All this results in a unified mass of thought that becomes extremely difficult to extract yourself from.

You go to the mall to buy stuff cuz that’s what everyone else is doing.  You do this because you are subjected to about 1000 commercials and ads per day via TV, the internet, billboards, telemarketers, newspaper ads, etc. – all of which are designed to make you want something you usually don’t need.  This brings expenditures that raise the need for income that increase income taxes and generates money for every system that siphons your money from you whenever you buy or sell.  This forces people to work 5, 6, and 7 days a week to make enough to pay their bills.  This leads to a loss of creative thinking ability and turns us all into zombies – which leads us back to the mall.

All of this is insanity and evil and wrong.  Aldus Huxley clearly outlined what is happening in his “Brave New World” – a book I never had to read in school.

So this makes me angry.  I want OUT of this!!!  I want out of this almost more than life – because this isn’t life – its a living hell.

Here’s how I see the way out.

First, simply turn off the TV, stop reading the newspaper, stop following the news (which is just another form of entertainment because, clearly, the news and truth are two very different things) and start getting outside into nature.  Take time to rest and think.  Strive to be content with what you have and quell the fears of being different.  Figure out how to give of your time and labor instead of things.  Figure out how to get yourself out of these systems by living simply, making what you need or at least reducing the reach of your actions by interacting locally with your neighbors instead of with the Chinese via Walmart.

Earn less, spend less, do more.  You’d be surprised how many cures and how much food just naturally grows in your back yard.

Get tight with your family and church and neighbors and pull yourself out of as many systems of wealth extraction as you can.

In the end, you won’t have that fancy car or giant house, but you won’t have that mortgage and payments either.

Then you will have the time to take one day in 7 completely off to rest, think and love.  As I recall, that is one of the ten commandments.

Then you will be blessed with true wealth and peace and life – and I won’t be angry anymore.

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The Healing Codes

My energy doctor just let me know about this.  From what I can tell so far this is a major breakthrough in healing and will put medicine as we know it out of business.


Nuff said.

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A critique of the ctritic – Justin Peters

Justin Peters


I wanted to make some clarifying comments here after this post.  I received some criticism about this post from my fellow believers at church.  It could be that I am straining at a gnat here in some respects.  Justin Peters is doing the church a good thing and a difficult thing.  He is calling out error and false teachers and we need to hear that.  I am in no way trying to discourage or disparage Justin or his listeners.  A point of clarity came to mind as I was being challenged by my brothers.  My definition of “a liar” includes intent.  In other words, I don’t think that someone that is saying something that is actually false but who believes it is true is a “liar”.  More accurately the speaker is simply wrong, deceived and in error, but he is not an intentional liar. If that were the case “let all men be liars and God the only true witness”.  We all are full of error and probably most of what we believe about things is incomplete or erroneous in some way.  I am personally very tired of seeing division creeping into the church because of people ascribing intent that cannot be known.  We are to judge rightly but we can only judge that which we can see and sense.  This is why the due process of scripture (Matthew 18) tells us to confront the person we have a problem with directly before we go talking to everyone else about our problem.  I haven’t discussed this blog post with Justin Peters, perhaps I should.  I hope my criticism has not offended or hurt Justin’s ministry in any way.  Our enemy is the accuser.  No one is innocent but Christ, so let’s just not throw stones at the intentions of people without careful thought and proof of intent.  Actions and words can an should be judged – lets hold the line there.  Implications of a word can go far beyond the intent of the word. So far this post has had 42 views including my own, so I don’t think I am threatening Justin’s ministry here.  It is merely an opinion, feel free to sprinkle it with all the salt it needs.

Our church decided to show Justin Peter’s video “Clouds Without Water” where he critiques the “Word of Faith” movement.
Firstly, I want to say that Justin does a great job of showing much of the hypocrisy and lies of the many faith-healing ministers such as Benny Hinn and Joel Olstean and many others.

Justin is lightly afflicted with cerebral palsy.  This has led him to seek healing through his faith and through faith-healers and he has been disappointed.

Though I can agree with many of his points of evidence, I have a difficult time dealing with his conclusions and extrapolations from his evidence.  His logic skips the necessary steps to prove his conclusions.  Instead, he finds a contradiction and then assumes: The speaker is perfectly aware of the contradiction: The speaker is speaking precisely: and therefore he is a liar – and thus not a Christian – and thus a false prophet – … so on to hell.

For example, Justin criticizes the immensely popular devotional “Jesus Calling“, a copy of which my wife has and one I took some time today to review from Justin’s perspective.  His criticism here is that so many people are reading devotionals instead of the Bible.  His point is that anyone that writes words attributed to God is “adding to scripture” and therefore changing the cannon.  And we all know the admonitions in Deuteronomy and Revelation to not add to or take away from the word of God.  Thus Sarah Young (the author) is likely going to a special place hotter than most.

Another was quoting a female TV evangelist that said she prayed away a storm she saw from the window of her plane.  Justin then assumes she is claiming blanket control of the weather and suggest perhaps she should be sued for allowing Katrina to happen and points out her contradiction of saying she doesn’t fly in bad weather – something a person that controls the weather would not need to worry about.  But look at this closely.  The bible says for us not to assume the future – even if we think we have control over it.  The lady was simply testifying that she prayed and a storm she saw dissipated – that is not a lie.  It is her true testimony of a perceived fact.  Her message was meant to impart faith – belief in something you have no physical (or logical sometimes) evidence of.  She never said she could control the weather.

Actually, I take that back, she kind of did say that, I didn’t remember it as accurately as I should have.  She did say “you are the weather man” implying that we ALL control the weather.  Giving her (Joyce Meyer I think) the benefit of the doubt tells me she must mean that collectively we all influence the weather with our intentions.  She could be meaning that with all sincerity – which is why I take exception to Justin publically calling her a liar – see my definition of the term at the top of this post.  I personally can’t know for absolutely certain that our thoughts do or do not effect the weather.  See these stories for an interesting data point on this idea:

It is true that TV evangelists often draw general conclusions they shouldn’t, but in all honesty, I sometimes have a hard time drawing any conclusion I couldn’t misinterpret or pick apart.

Justin says he is a cessationist which means he believes that all prophecy is completed and that apostolic miracles are no longer in effect.  He however gives no evidence for that conclusion except to note that the miracles in acts seem to abruptly stop after Acts 19.

This logic condemns all prophecy as false.  Worse, it equates a personal message from God as the equivalent to scripture.  He might as well say there is absolutely no communication from God to man under any circumstances other than the English Cannon of scripture and Nature.  This approaches deist mentality and I think is equally as erroneous as his opponents are whom he accuses of claiming deity over God.

There is a very fine line between being a faithful follower, and taking God for granted.  It’s a very hard line to stay on.  We walk blindly and rightly in constant fear of God – which is exactly where He want’s us.

I have no problem with Justin’s beliefs for himself – he is quite orthodox along the lines of the Baptist denomination.  Everyone has to draw some conclusions simply to function.  I know a few other people from this background and they seem to have the same very black and white, wooden logic about what truth is – but then they are very secure in their faith and nobody is going to throw them off easily.

Jesus was constantly throwing his followers for loops because he was talking of spiritual matters simply beyond their experience.  He was equally attacked by people that couldn’t see the truth of his apparently heretical and contradictory statements.

Now I am not trying to introduce doubt and confusion into anyone’s beliefs.  Truth is very difficult to find and criticizing each other (without due process and solid logic) just compounds the difficulty of finding it.  Justin has to wonder if he could be bordering on blaspheming the Holy Spirit – that is, ascribing miracles to Satan that may in fact be the work of the Holy Spirit.  Humility is really our only safe abode.

The Bible contains many outright contradicting ideas.  Things like absolute sovereignty vs free will, One God in 3 persons, prophecies with multiple fulfillments, prophets that are false that none-the-less give true prophecies and show signs and miracles.

There are entire sets of theology, all academically supported, all contradicting each other, and all logically valid given their premises.  See Steve Gregg’s excellent work “Four views of Revelation” for some concrete examples. This work, by itself, has added serious doubt to my mind as to my ability to interpret most of scripture correctly.

With these combinations of contradictions it becomes really tough to say that anything is just TRUE on its face.  The table is solid, unless you look at the atomic level.  Germs are bad unless you notice that without them we would be dead.  The three witnesses of that car crash that all saw the same thing are contradicting each other…

This is not to say that there is not truth.  To say so is logically absurd and defeats all purpose in life and creation.  There is truth and God is truth – He’s just a lot higher than we are.

Justin does raise some very good information that we should all be aware of.  Many TV evangelists are twisting scripture to make money and their fruit is clearly visible for all to see that they don’t deserve the kind of following they get.  They even go so far as to make God their genie and invoke him as a sorcerer would invoke spirits.  This is certainly worthy of exposure.

When I learned that the Hebrew word for evil is RA and that the paleo-Hebrew letters literally mean Man’s will over God’s, I stumbled upon a very clear vision that helps me in discernment.  Jesus said that all men are evil and only the father is good.

People are really very gray things.  We all have our bias and hurts and our tongues are impossible to control.  Perhaps Justin Peters is being more effective by accusing others of satanic beliefs where any shadow of doubt exists – but there is no place safe to hide.  Even the beloved King James bible has many well-known errors in translation.  As we continue to unearth more ancient copies of the scriptures and other books we find that our times are full of new knowledge that the experts of the past simply had no access to.  At some point, revision of our views is necessary in order to pursue truth truthfully.

Hold on to what is good, but don’t miss the newer truths being revealed every day simply due to more evidence.  Our trial of truth is never over and our sanctification isn’t either till death stops our pursuits of learning and the ultimate truth find’s us – unchanged as it is and never fully found despite our very best efforts to do so.

Which is why we can’t find God – He simply has to find us.

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